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Representative Sport Pathway

As part of our representative sport program, Inaburra School is an active member of the Christian School Sporting Association (CSSA) and Combined Independent Schools (CIS) pathways.

Inaburra’s carnivals for athletics, cross-country and swimming are held throughout the year. Students who perform well go on to represent the school in NSW Christian Schools Sporting Association (CSSA) and Combined Independent Schools (CIS) competitions at the state level. Elite athletes have the opportunity to represent the school at the All Schools State and National Championships. The National Christian School Games are held every second year and the school has traditionally competed at the Pacific Games held every four years. We also support students who are proficient in a chosen sport that may not be represented at the school by allowing them to trial directly at the CIS level.

Training & Development

Inaburra utilises qualified sports coaches and teachers to work with our sports teams in preparation for representative sport. Training and development squads play a significant role in developing team spirit, allowing students to acquire new
skills, sharpen existing ones and enhance performance. Participation in development squads is also open to students not yet competing at representative level who wish to further their skills.

The focus this year is developing squads for those CSSA sports in which Inaburra competes. Training primarily occurs before school from 7:00am-7:50am.

Other competitive teams for both girls and boys take part in inter-school or Gala Day competitions in the following sports: Hockey, Tennis, Oztag, Touch Football, Volleyball, Softball and Triathlon.

Elite Sport Support

Inaburra has a proud tradition of supporting elite student athletes. In order to receive support of this sort, students must be selected for school representative sport at the CSSACISNSW Schools and Australian Nationals levels.

Financial support is available through an application process, to elite athletes involved in representative competitions to assist with costs such as travel.

Annual Sports Awards

Inaburra is proud to celebrate the achievements of its athletes. Each year an Annual Sports Awards presentation evening is hosted to recognise the hard word and accomplishments of students across a range of representative sports. In 2022 we were fortunate to host long-distance Olympian Eloise Wellings who shared around her journey to reach the highest level of competition and the challenges along the way.

Senior School Carnivals 2023

Junior School Carnivals 2023

Our Goals

The Inaburra Sports Program aims to integrate student activity wherever possible. This includes Senior School students coaching younger students and alumni being employed as sports coaches. Peer group leaders are also encouraged to run sporting events and actively take lead roles in gala days and swimming and athletic carnivals. Sports at Inaburra has four core objectives:

  1. Providing a pathway for students to excel
  2. Building community spirit
  3. Increasing awareness and enjoyment of physical activity
  4. Glorifying God in our collective efforts

Inaburra Sports Program Goals