Attendance Exemption Forms

From January 2012, new regulations were introduced regarding the processes by which NSW schools record and manage student attendance. In introducing these changes, the NSW Minister for Education has delegated the power to grant or cancel Exemption Certificates to non-government school principals within strict guidelines. It allows principals to provide an Exemption Certificate for students to be exempt from attending school for up to 50 days in a year. Principals are required to strictly adhere to the processes and conditions outlined in the Exemption Guidelines in order to legally apply the exemption. Certificates of Exemption cannot be issued retrospectively.

To apply for a Certificate of Exemption from Attendance at School, please download and complete the document below and have it delivered to the Principal well before the anticipated absence. If there is not enough time for the application to be processed, the Certificate of Exemption will be unable to be granted.

Please note that, as students move towards the senior years of schooling, they are expected to take increasing responsibility for work that will be missed through anticipated absences. The School will be reluctant to grant exemptions from attendance at school for senior students where such exemptions conflict with the published assessment schedule that can be found elsewhere on this website.

The forms for the Application for Exemption or Term-Time Holiday leave can downloaded from the links provided below. They are also available on theĀ Portal.