Please find information regarding School Fees and payment options in the links below.

Note that TVET courses entail extra fees from outside organisations. For general pricing and other TVET information please contact The Careers and Transition Coordinator, Mr Stuart Jones 02 8525 2228.

Futurity Education Loans Update (Thursday 9 March 2023)

On 31 March 2023 Futurity are closing their Education Loans product offering to new loans. Going forward Futurity’s focus will be on their Education Savings and Investment Product lines.

For existing customers of Futurity Education Loans

Existing customers will receive further communications detailing how Futurity will continue to support them until the end of the current loan term. From 31 March 2023 Futurity will not be accepting any new Tuition Instalment Loan or Tuition in Advance Loan applications, or any limit increases on existing loans.

Futurity would like to thank their customers for choosing them and wish the best for you and your family’s future education journeys. If you have any questions about the above or your education loan account, please visit their website or contact the Education Loans Team on 1300 345 456 or

School Fees - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my school fees?

Payments can made via the Inaburra School Parent Portal, using the Payments Tab.

When you click on the tab a list of outstanding payments displays.

  1. Tick the items that you wish to pay, then click on Make Payment.
  2. A secure screen will display asking you to enter your payment details including: Cardholders Name, Card Number, Card Expiry Date, and Security Code (CVC).
  3. When the form is complete, click on Student Payment to complete the payment process.
Can I pay my fees by instalments?

Invoices are normally issued one week before commencement of Terms 1 and Term 3. School fees are due in full 14 days from the date of invoice. Due to the volume of accounts, we cannot make separate payment arrangements for individual families. Families wishing to pay by instalments can make arrangements with third party school fee payment provider EdStart. Details can be found on the School’s website. Late fees apply for late payments – Late fees are listed on your school invoice and also on the School Fee schedule available on the school website.

Can we split our fees into two accounts?

We do not provide split fee accounts. The contract for enrolment is a “joint and separate” contract. This means that all signatories to the contract are legally responsible for the full amount of the fees. The account is issued to all parties to the contract to ensure that all parties are aware of their outstanding liability. Individuals are at liberty to make arrangements between themselves in regards to how they make payment of the account, however this does not alter the liability of each individual under the contract.

Who should I contact if I can't pay my fees?

We understand that sometimes circumstances arise which make payment of school fees difficult. If this happens, it is always better to discuss this with the School up front. Often we can put in place an arrangement to help you through temporary setbacks by way of a Bursary or by providing more time to pay. Please contact our Bursar, Mr John Bromley on 02 8525 2243 or via email at