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Scholarships at Inaburra


Inaburra School offers a range of scholarships for students entering Year 7, Year 9 and Year 11 across three categories: All-rounder, Music and Academic. In addition to this, Indigenous Scholarships are offered to qualifying students with a point of entry of Year 7 – Year 11.

The number of scholarships available each year, and what they comprise ie whether they are full, half or quarter, is entirely at the Principal’s discretion. To be eligible to apply for a scholarship, applicants do not need to be on our waitlist. In saying this, students who are waitlisted and/or have accepted a position at Inaburra are also more than welcome to apply.

More than one type of scholarship may be applied for at a given time. Scholarships may not be awarded every year and the number of scholarships may vary from year to year. All scholarships awarded are for the duration of senior school; however, the School reserves the right to review the progress of the scholarship recipient as it deems necessary.

Applications for 2023 are now open!


1. What is the best age to enrol children in Kindergarten?

There is no right or wrong age, as a child’s readiness for school relies on a number of individual factors. Inaburra has a thorough assessment process conducted by highly experienced educators who will inform you as to whether your child is ready for Kindergarten or not.

2. What is the benefit of enrolling my child in Kindergarten at Inaburra?

The benefit of enrolling your child is a guaranteed position for the duration of their education.

3. Why should I consider enrolling my child at Inaburra as opposed to a local school?

This decision is more about your personal assessment of the merits of an independent school education versus those of a public school education. The school years are integral to a child’s development and factors such as the culture of a school, its ability to make independent decisions and the community of like-minded parents are all considerations when answering that question for yourself and your child.

4. I do not live close by. Am I 'out of area' for Inaburra School?

As an independent school, Inaburra does not have an official catchment area. Most of our families live in the Sutherland Shire, but a significant number live in the suburbs immediately north of the Georges River. The school does not select students based on geographic location.

5. What is the ratio of boys to girls at Inaburra?

As a co-educational school we enrol even numbers of boys and girls in each year group. This may fluctuate slightly from time to time but we actively seek to balance the numbers.

6. Apart from school fees, what other costs are involved when my child attends Inaburra School?

The school fees cover nearly all the costs of school, including textbooks and excursions. The full fee schedule can be found here. These are updated in November each year. Uniform and the provision of a laptop or tablet in Years 5-12 are the primary additional costs, although there is also a levy for participation in the school’s music program. Some enrichment activities, such as overseas tours or high-level sporting representation will also have additional costs.

7. If I decline an offered position for my child, do I go to the 'bottom of the list' for future offers?

No. The date of registration for enrolment remains as the key basis for offers of enrolment. However, there is no guarantee that an offer will be repeated.

8. What are the chances of my child being offered a position at Inaburra School?

There is strong interest in enrolment at Inaburra School, although there are fluctuations from year to year. The earlier a student is registered for enrolment, the better. The school usually gives priority to siblings of current students, children of staff and children of alumni.

9. I am not a regular church goer. Is my child still eligible to attend Inaburra School?

Inaburra does not require a faith commitment from families as a condition of enrolment. However, enrolment at Inaburra entails participation in the full life of the school, including any specifically Christian activities.

10. Does my child have to attend chapel services? What is the Christian component of everyday life at Inaburra School?

At present the school does not hold a regular chapel service. Bible reading and prayer is a regular feature of our gatherings and all students participate in the Biblical Studies program, which entails weekly lessons until the end of Year 10. There is an extensive network of voluntary Christian activities.

11. What are the class sizes in Junior School?

There are two classes in each year group in the Junior School. There are 22 students per class in K-2, 26 students per class in 3-4, and 28 students per class in 5-6. It is important to note that the research is very clear that class size does not have a bearing on the learning outcomes for students.

12. What are the class sizes in Senior School?

The current normal enrolment per year group is 140 students. The maximum class size is 28, but many classes are smaller. Classes in Years 11 and 12 tend to be smaller. It is important to note that the research is very clear that class size does not have a bearing on the learning outcomes for students.

13. Will my child have to participate in weekend sport or after school hours training?

Inaburra does not compete in inter-school sport on weekends. Most of our students are actively involved in club and representative sport on weekends; the school does not wish to conflict with these existing commitments. On occasion representative teams will train outside of school hours.

14. How do the students at Inaburra School perform at HSC level?

Inaburra students perform strongly in the HSC each year. A summary of our academic results can be found on our website.

15. How do the students at Inaburra perform at NAPLAN?

Inaburra students perform strongly in NAPLAN. Further detail can be seen on the MySchool website and in the Annual Report.

16. Is there a wide range of elective choices in the Senior School years?

Inaburra School offers a very wide range of elective choices in both Stage 5 (Years 9-10) and Stage 6 (Years 11-12). View a sample curriculum pathway here.

17. What languages are taught at Inaburra School?

The only language offered at Inaburra School is Chinese (Mandarin). All students study Chinese (Mandarin) in the Junior years and then in Year 8. Chinese becomes an elective from Years 9-12. A small number of students choose to study different languages by correspondence through the Open High School in Years 9-12. Chinese has a dedicated learning space in the Junior School. We have a sister school in Beijing and run a biennial study tour to China for Year 9 and 10 Chinese students.

18. Do you accept international students at Inaburra?

Inaburra is not accredited to accept international students except in cases where specific bridging visa conditions have been met. We do not offer boarding facilities so there is no accommodation for international students at our school.

19. I would like to tour the school campus and meet the Principal. How do I arrange this?

We host ‘Meet the Principal’ mornings regularly throughout the year. These events are designed to give prospective enrolments a window into Inaburra School. The mornings start at 10:00am with a presentation by the Principal, Dr James Pietsch, followed by school tours. Interested families are welcome to register to attend one of these sessions.

New dates for the ‘Meet the Principal’ mornings are released at the start of each school term. These mornings book out quickly we suggest you register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.