Inaburra Learning Framework

We are a transformational learning community growing the whole person in wisdom and love.

Why Inaburra?

The Inaburra Difference

The original vision for Inaburra School involved a strong commitment to a number of key areas; Media, Computing, Christian Education, pastorally-caring relationships and academic excellence. Since then, Inaburra has also developed an excellent reputation for its Creative and Performing Arts, world-class teaching practice, excellence in its facilities, the use of ICT for student learning and innovative programs such as its Global Education Program. These have all been driven by a future-oriented mindset that has enabled Inaburra to become known as a leader in independent education in NSW. These features have become defining characteristics of the school.

The Inaburra Difference
World Class Teaching Practice

World Class Teaching Practice

Academic staff at Inaburra are not only dedicated to students and their learning but also to developing themselves professionally and implementing global best practice. Our Teaching, Learning and Innovation team consists of Karen Lymn, Lyndal Tait and Chris Smith along with the Learning and Enrichment Team. Both work alongside our academic staff building our Teachers’ individual and collective capacity for continuous and sustainable professional improvement.

Christian Education

As our mission statement articulates, Inaburra exists to be a Christ-centred learning community. Teachers and staff hold to a Christian world-view and events such as Mission Week alongside religious forums and Bible studies are part of the fabric of the school. Our founding church, the Menai Baptist Church, also continues to be actively involved in serving the school through a range of initiatives.

Christian Education
Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Inaburra has built a strong reputation for its commitment to student welfare. School families are supported by a collaborative network of teachers, peer group leaders, Year Advisors, Home Group Leaders, welfare and counselling staff who are all focused on each student’s individual well-being.

Inaburra’s Commitment to Child Safety

At Inaburra School, we uphold the fundamental right of every child and young person to experience safety and well-being. Our commitment is to create an environment that is child-safe and a child-friendly environment.

We have zero-tolerance for child abuse and any form of harm, and we recognise our paramount duty to act in the best interests of our students. We are committed to providing the resources to ensure compliance and all relevant child protection laws and regulations to foster a culture that prioritises child safety. This commitment applies to every member of our School community and recognises that we all bear responsibility, individually and collectively, to keep the well-being and safety of all students as the central focus of our actions and decisions.

Creative and Performing Arts

Music, Visual Arts, Dance and Drama have developed as prominent pillars of the school. Inaburra provides a range of programs that are supported by excellent tutors, teachers and in some cases alumni. The music program typically includes performances in the Performing Arts Centre, various outdoor venues and international music tours. Dance, Drama and Visual Arts students also have many opportunities to showcase their talents.

Media Studies

Media Studies

Since Inaburra’s inception, the study of media has continued to be one of the key pillars of the school. A fully functional TV and recording studio has enabled students to pursue successful careers in media. Students acquire skills in sound recording, video production and camera work using high quality equipment.

ICT For Learning

The use of technology as an aid in learning is first introduced in the Junior School years, which includes instruction in basic programming, blogging and E-Portfolios. This includes forming global connections using technology. From Years 5-12, the Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) program enables students to bring their preferred technology to school to use in their learning. The program attempts to ground a student’s ICT use in line with school values.


Inaburra has developed a reputation for its exceptional facilities, which include a fully operational Media Centre, a 650-seat Performing Arts Centre, modern visual arts rooms and well-equipped music and band rooms. Music tuition is conducted in sound proofed labs. Students are also encouraged to keep active in the Gymnasium and Circuit Room and enjoy all-weather Junior School playing fields and Senior School court spaces. Inaburra recently opened a new Stage 3 Learning Centre, Senior School Learning Commons and Junior School Sensory Playground. Read more about these award winning spaces here.

Global Ed

As a Christian School, Inaburra is committed to service-learning, acknowledging that some of the most profoundly formative experiences that young people encounter arise in the context of the service of others. Offered to Year 10 students, The Global Education Program is one manifestation of this commitment.

Junior School

The teaching staff in the Junior School are professional, dedicated and dynamic Christian educators who hold a passion for developing the capacity of young children. Teachers at Inaburra follow the NSW Board of Studies syllabus documents and students are offered programs in Mandarin, PE and music; each taught by specialist teachers. Each class in the Junior School offers opportunities which allow for differentiated curriculum.

Senior School

Inaburra Senior School students experience a world-class environment where they can make real progress in their learning. Our students are supported by a team of educators who seek to extend each individual’s potential. Inaburra is well-known for its care of students as they transition into Year 7 and graduate successfully from Year 12. An After School Study Program is offered along with mentoring support from excellent tutors made up of alumni and school peers. We aim to shape students into life-long learners by encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning and providing programs that build their capacity consistent with the Inaburra Learner Profile.


Our Campus

Inaburra School is located in Bangor, in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire. Students have a number of transport options to get to school each day. Buses from Sutherland Station take students directly to the school. A daily Punchbowl Bus Service is also available for students in the St George district.

Our integrated campus accommodates approximately 1200 students from Kindergarten to Year 12 in contemporary, well-equipped buildings. It features innovative learning spaces such as The English Hub, the Senior School Learning Commons and the Stage 3 Learning Centre.

The School’s facilities include:

  • A fully-equipped Media Centre, which can also operate as a live television and recording studio
  • A state-of-the-art 650 seat Performing Arts Centre (PAC)
  • A multi-purpose Gymnasium and Circuit Room
  • All-weather playing fields and court spaces.