Mr Andrew Coote - Head of Junior School

Mr Andrew Coote - Head of Junior School

Mr Andrew Coote is the Head of the Junior School (Years K to 6). Mr Coote took up this role at the start of 2012, having previously served as Principal of Avondale Grammar School in Singapore, Head of Junior School at Wyvern House (Newington) and Head of Junior School at Ravenswood.

There are two classes in each year group in the Junior School K-4. In Year 5 and 6 there are three classes in each year group. There are 22 students per class in K-2, 26 students per class in 3-4, and up to 24 students per class in 5-6.

Download the Sample Curriculum Pathway for Junior School.

Junior School teachers

The teaching staff in the Inaburra Junior School are professional, dedicated and dynamic Christian educators who hold a passion for developing the capacity of young children. The formal curriculum at Inaburra follows the syllabi of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA, formerly BOSTES) and students are offered programs in Chinese (Mandarin), PE and Music; with each subject taught by specialist teachers. Each class in the Junior School offers opportunities which allow for such differentiated curriculum.

Junior School teachers


Students are also given the opportunity to participate in co-curricular programs that are on offer throughout the week. These include God Squad, Debating, Science Club, Tech Crew, Dance Troupe and an extensive range of musical groups. Peripatetic music tutors are available to teach musical instruments or singing as individual lessons.

Every second year, all Stage 3 students are involved in the Junior School production, conducted in front of live audiences in our modern Performing Arts Centre.

Student Welfare and Support

Students requiring extension, enrichment or learning support are assisted by the Learning Enrichment Team. Literacy and numeracy support are both provided in-class and through withdrawal lessons as needed with programs tailored to meet the specific needs of individual students.

One of the features of the Inaburra Junior School is the Year 6 Transition Program. The goal of this program is to help our students become familiar with the dynamic of secondary education in order to facilitate a smooth transition to Senior School. Whilst still enjoying the benefit of the individual Junior classroom teacher, each of our Year 6 students is taught by a number of Senior School teachers with expertise in specific subjects. These lessons take place in the Stage 3 Learning Centre as well as specialist classrooms in the Senior School campus. In addition, Year 6 students are provided with their own timetable and are also issued with a school diary, enabling them to learn the skills of organising homework and numerous teachers’ requests.

Student Welfare and Support

Junior School Merit System

The Junior School Merit System incorporates the Inaburra Learner Profile and the values associated with the Choose Respect Program. The plan is to create a simple, authentic and meaningful system that all students can commit to throughout their years in the Junior School. Integrity (explicit framework) rewards growth and development in individual students over time.

Linking the merit system to the Inaburra Learner Profile will integrate the values and characteristics that are present in our teaching programs. These are the 21st century soft skills that should be integrated into everyday life.

It allows for recognition of all types of learning that are foundational to the education offered at Inaburra.

Kindergarten FAQs

The decision as to whether you enrol your child for Kindergarten is a highly individual decision for each family. Below are some FAQs, which may help you in your decision. For more enrolment information and FAQs please click here.

What is the best age for my child to start Kindergarten?

There is no right or wrong age, as a child’s readiness for school relies on a number of individual factors. Inaburra has a thorough assessment process conducted by highly experienced educators who will inform you as to whether your child is ready for Kindergarten or not.

What is the benefit of enrolling my child in Kindergarten at Inaburra?

The benefit of enrolling your child is a guaranteed position for the duration of their education.

Why should I consider enrolling my child for Kindergarten at Inaburra as opposed to a local school?

This decision is more about your personal assessment of the merits of an independent school education versus those of a public school education. The school years are integral to a child’s development and factors such as the culture of a school, its ability to make independent decisions and the community of like-minded parents are all considerations when answering that question for yourself and your child.

Does Inaburra have a Before and After School Care service?

Yes! An external provider ‘Billa Rd OOSH’ provides care for our students outside of school hours, opening at 7:00am and closing at 6:30pm Monday-Friday. The service is located across the road on Billa Rd Playgroup Hall in the morning and on-site at Inaburra in the afternoon. There is also a Vacation Care service during term breaks.

For more information, contact Donna on 0452 255 107.