Inaburra students and families have a supportive network of Home Group leaders, Year Advisors, welfare staff, peer leaders, and counsellors available to assist them.

School counsellors work with individual students and families as needs are identified by the parent, Year Advisor, teacher or the student themselves. They address areas such as anxiety, depression, school refusal, behaviour, motivation, family and relationship difficulties. Our counsellors also facilitate referral to psychological and educational assessments for individuals or groups as required.

School counsellors offer a free service and are available during school hours. Appointments can also be made for parent meetings before and after school. Our counselling service is professional, non-judgemental, short-term, and confidential.

Students may refer themselves to the counsellor and appointments can be made directly through them. Counsellors will try to arrange sessions so that there is minimal disruption to a student’s class attendance.

Senior School

Mrs Michelle DeRieve is the Senior School Counsellor and is available to assist  Year 7-12 students and their families. Students can request a referral through the Home Group teacher, Year Director or Head of Student Welfare. A member of staff may identify a need and refer the matter to Mrs DeRieve. Parents may also identify a need and request assistance.

Students in Years 11 and 12 are encouraged to use study periods for counselling appointments in preference to coming out of formal classes, unless the matter is urgent.

Junior School

joanne-wylesMrs Joanne Wyles is a mental health professional and is available to assist Junior School students and families each week from Mondays to Wednesdays.

Referrals in the Junior School are made in consultation with the child’s teacher and the Head of Junior School. Students in the Junior School must have written parental permission in order to be seen by the school counsellor, unless there is an emergency, in which case verbal permission will be sought.