Why do we sing?

If you wander our music corridors, you will hear a delightful cacophony of instruments and sounds, but the one that is most consistently heard is singing. Whether it’s a class learning a new piece before venturing onto instruments, a specific idea being drawn out from a piece or an ensemble learning how to fine tune their inner ear, the voice is what makes all of these situations possible.

In the Junior school staffroom, we have a quote that says ‘before a child learns to talk, they sing’. It is such a joyful reminder of the accessibility our voice holds- that we can communicate musical ideas without having to lift a finger or manipulate an instrument.

We have 3 vocal ensembles from K-12: the K-1 choir, Junior Choir (years 3-6) and the Senior A Capella Choir (years 7-12). From the outside, if you were to visit a rehearsal, you would hear wonderful and wacky sounds (think Dory whale talk from Nemo) as well as beautiful, thought provoking and moving songs. In the space of one rehearsal, a student learns to manipulate their vocal chords, train their inner ear, co-ordinate the lyrics with pitch and rhythm and build their capacity to blend and work with others.

Singing does these amazing things and more:

  • acutely develops the auditory nerve (also required for language)
  • develops fine and gross motor control in the vocal system
  • connects many facets of the brain through music, language, fine motor, visual imagery and emotion.
  • increases the ability to learn and memorise which promotes deeper learning
  • develops cohesion within a group and community
  • promotes wellbeing
  • it is an aerobic activity that promotes cardiovascular health
  • it is cathartic
  • enhances social inclusion

All this with one readily available, free and inspiring instrument we all possess.

Would you like your child to join a choral ensemble in 2023? The rehearsal times are below:

K-1 choir: in school time
Junior Choir (Years 3-6): Tuesday from 2.40pm – 3.40pm
Senior A Capella Choir (Years 7-12): Wednesday from 2.50pm – 3.50pm

Lisa McGovern
Junior School Music Teacher