Inaburra’s Media Centre comes into its own

Since Inaburra’s inception, the study of media has continued to be one of the key pillars of the school. Inaburra’s fully equipped and operational Media Centre, including a live television and recording studio, has enabled students to acquire skills in sound recording, video production and camera work using high-quality industry-standard equipment. With the restrictions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, and the subsequent cancellation of all the School’s onsite public events, the Media Centre has come into its own. This facility has enabled the school to seamlessly transition many of these events to the digital space and allowed Inaburra to remain connected with both the student body and the wider community.

Pivoting events to online platforms

Thanks to the ingenuity of the Stage and Screen Faculty and with the benefit of the media facilities, Inaburra has seen many of its regular school activities ‘pivot’ to online during Term 2. Media staff, technical support staff and students have all risen to the challenge of creating events across a range of digital platforms including websites, Livestream, video production and more.

Instead of attending a subject selection information night in person, Senior students and their parents have been able to watch subject video outlines from the comfort of home through custom-built mini websites. The TV Studio in the Media Centre has been fully booked as teachers from all faculties record video overviews of their specialist areas.

‘Meet the Principal’ events have continued to run through Covid, but have been hosted instead through a Livestream platform, with registered participants able to ask questions of key staff in real time. The school has also implemented the Livestream platform for online school assemblies that are projected into every classroom for students to watch in their Home Groups. There has also been the opportunity to record promotional video campaigns for charity fundraisers such as the recent Red Shield Appeal for the Salvation Army. Recordings are also currently underway for a multimedia music performance in lieu of a live concert for the many music ensembles across Kindergarten to Year 12.

Students and staff are certainly looking forward to the time when they can welcome visitors back to the school in person. In the meantime, the Inaburra community feels blessed to have provision for providing alternate means of communicating with current and prospective families and the student cohort through the digital space, and think that, post coronavirus, there will be some events that will remain in the digital space rather than reverting to their previous ‘live’ format.