Unlock your full academic potential with Inaburra’s HSC Mastery Intensive Program, designed to propel students towards excellence in their exams.

Tailored specifically for students striving for outstanding results, this comprehensive holiday study series will provide a transformative learning experience.

Led by seasoned educators renowned for their expertise in HSC subjects, our program ensures quality guidance and support. Students will benefit from structured sessions comprising dynamic lectures to grasp key concepts, interactive tutorials to reinforce understanding, and dedicated study time for one-on-one tutoring opportunities.


Inaburra’s HSC Mastery Holiday Intensive Program will be hosted in the first week of the July School Holidays

Monday 8 July – Friday 12 July 2024
8:30am – 5:00pm daily

View the full timetable below.

Courses covered in the program

Other subjects covered

Afternoon tutors will be available throughout the week to offer assistance for the following courses:

  • Modern History
  • Business Studies
  • Legal Studies

Course Lecturers

Registration Options

Two registration options to choose from…

Option 1: Full Program

Access to the entire five day suite of lectures, tutorials and study sessions for all the HSC courses listed above.

Full Program – $610.00

Option 2: Two Subjects

Access to lectures, tutorials and study sessions for two of the HSC courses listed above across the five days.

Two Subjects  – $410.00

Don’t wait to register! Spots are limited.

​​​​​​​Each day includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. 

How to get here

Travelling by car

Parking is available onsite (limited), offsite and on the streets around Inaburra.

Please be mindful of any restricted parking zones including Bowra Close (resident only parking).

By public transport

Travelling by Bus 

Inaburra can be accessed by the U-Go Mobility bus network. Please use the Transport NSW Trip Planner to map out your journey.

The closest bus stops to Inaburra are:

  • Menai Road – opposite Aquinas College
  • Menai Road – at Dandarbong Avenue

From there it is a 7-10 minute walk from the above stops to Inaburra School.

By Train

The closest train station is Sutherland Station. The 960, 961 and 962 bus services all pass through Bangor via the stops listed above.

From west of Sydney, students can alight at Padstow Station and catch the 960 bus service to Inaburra.


Q: I only wish to study one subject. Can I still register?

A: Yes! We encourage students with only one timetabled subject to utilise our state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained staff for concentrated study during times where they don’t have a scheduled session. The minimum payment however is for two subjects.

Q: Is there a timetable for the week available yet?

A: The timetable has been released and can be downloaded from this page (see higher up). We will do our best to avoid any adjustments however the timetable may change due to extenuating circumstances beyond our control (eg illness). There is timetable overlap between Economics / Biology, English Ext 1 / Physics and Mathematics Advanced / Mathematics Ext 2.

Q: I am confused about what counts as a 'subject'.
There are nine separate subjects on offer, each with different course content. For example Mathematics Advanced is a separate subject to Mathematics Extension 1. Similarly Mathematics Extension 1 is a separate subject to Mathematics Extension 2. The same applies for English Advanced and Extension 1 and 2 courses – Despite them all being ‘English’, for registration purposes they are different ‘subjects’.
For example: If a student wished to register for Advanced Mathematics and Extension 1 Mathematics, this would count as two subjects.
There are a total of nine subjects to register for:
  1. English Advanced
  2. English Extension 1
  3. Mathematics Advanced
  4. Mathematics Extension 1
  5. Mathematics Extension 2
  6. Physics
  7. Chemistry
  8. Biology
  9. Economics
Q: Do all of the nine subjects have the same face-to-face time?

A: Yes. Across the five days, all nine subjects have the same amount of face-to-face time allocated.

Q. Can Year 11 accelerated students register?
A: Yes! We welcome registrations from any Year 11 students completing HSC courses in 2024. We recommend the 2-subject registration option.
Q: What food/drinks are available on site?

A: Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided as part of registration. Barista coffee will be available to purchase between 7:30am and 8:30am each day.

Q: Do students have to stay at Inaburra for the entire day?

A: Whilst we would encourage students to stay for the full day program, we recognise that they may have other commitments such as a part-time job that requires them to leave early or arrive late. Parents and Caregivers need to be aware that should their student leave part way through the day, the school is unable to take responsibility for their supervision.

The HSC Mastery week timetable will be released shortly which will assist you in planning your schedules.

Got more questions?