It seems as though the term has just started and yet here we are, almost at Easter. This week we have been celebrating our differences and diversity with an emphasis on respect for, and understanding of, individual differences and cultural backgrounds.

Mrs You invited staff and students to participate in our Harmony Wall – where students could use post-it notes to write their reflections on what harmony means. These notes were then placed outside the Learning Commons to create the Harmony Wall.

At Assembly we reflected on the power of words and the harm they can inflict. The old adage “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me” is no longer true. Incidents that once occurred in the playground are now kept alive through social media and the use of mobile phones. I encourage students to reflect on how they use language and technology. Are they being used wisely to support their friends and their own learning?

Digital Safety

 Mr Levee (ICT Manager) raised two issues with students this week about the use of IT. The first issue focussed on video-by-video scrolls such as ‘YouTube Shorts’ and ‘Instagram Stories’. They reduce our ability to concentrate for longer than the time taken for a short video grab. This can have long term consequences as brain functioning is changed. Students need the ability to focus and concentrate for longer periods at school and into the future so again, I ask students to reflect on how they use their technology.

Mr Levee also warned against the use of Grammarly as it is recording each keystroke, each word and every piece of information that you type. In America, school students are now protected by a student-protection agreement. Australia doesn’t have this protection. Please talk to your child about this as any data they input when Grammarly is installed including information about parents, family, friends, holidays, relationship information, financial information and personal identity information is being recorded and could be used in the future.


Borrowing of Chromebooks by Senior Students

If a device fails during the day, students may borrow a device for the day. However, the device must be returned at the end of the day. It cannot be taken home.

Chromebooks can be borrowed overnight and for a short extended period of time whilst a device is being repaired. An email should be sent to the Year Advisor requesting such a loan.

Preparing for Winter

When we return for Term 2 students need to be prepared for cooler weather. The blazer is the outer garment to be worn to school during this time. Please check that your child has a blazer that fits and order a new one, if necessary, from the Uniform shop.

Blessings for the week ahead.

Mrs Gill Powell
Head of Senior School