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Exploring Tertiary Options

Disclaimer: Information is provided by tertiary institutions and RTOs through their websites. Inaburra is not responsible for the information and it is advised that students should contact the institution directly to verify the information as some information may not be up to date. Students are also encouraged to contact the tertiary institution/RTO as early as possible to get on their contact lists. This is not an exhaustive list of entry options, other information and dates, so further individual research should be undertaken by the student. Inaburra is not endorsing any institution/RTO as we believe this is the choice of the student. This is an information service only.

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and Year 13 Programs

ACPET is the Australian Council for Private Education and Training – a body that represents quality private education providers in Australia. The courses listed below represented alternate qualification pathways.

Universities in NSW

NSW UAC supported Universities

UAC supported Universities outside NSW

This list includes universities that are outside NSW but can be applied for through UAC.

Universities in other States

The following Universities cannot be applied to via UAC.

Overseas Universities – Initial research should be done by the student themselves, but the Inaburra Student Support office is open to help in this process where they can.