Mr Daniel Watson heads the school’s innovative Global Education Program. It is imperative that members of the next generation are able to see beyond their individual and immediate needs, and instead view themselves as part of a global community. As a Christian school we are also charged with the responsibility to love one another with the kindness and compassion of Christ, and to be stewards of creation. The Global Education Program plays a significant role in developing these values and attitudes by offering experiences that challenge and broaden the horizons of our students. Our current program gives students a choice of five trips to choose from, all varying levels of need and cost:

  • Greater Sydney: The Greater Sydney program provides students with an insight into the lives of others and opportunities to serve them. Those who choose this program will be provided with a range of activities that highlight the need and relative disadvantage of others as well as the diversity of others’ experiences in the Sydney area. Students will also have opportunities to develop their own life skills.
  • Remote Australia: The Remote Australia program offers students the opportunity to explore some of the more isolated communities in the country. Students who choose this option will travel to Broken Hill and Dubbo, immersing themselves in local activities and culture as well as learning about and serving indigenous and disadvantaged communities in the region.
  • South East Asia: The program for South East Asia is a unique opportunity for students to be immersed in the culture and history of one of the most fascinating regions on the planet. Students who choose this option will gain a firsthand experience of contemporary life in Cambodia and Vietnam, learn about the tumultuous history of each country, as well as have the opportunity to serve many who are considerably disadvantaged within local communities.
  • Tasmania: The program for Tasmania has been designed with the environmental aspects of ‘global’ education in mind. Students will explore the diverse landscapes of Tasmania and will have opportunities to help conserve environmental and historical sites through activities such as fuel load reduction, weed eradication, planting, visitor surveys, coastal protection, and track maintenance.
  • Yasawa Islands: The Yasawa Islands program combines elements of social welfare and conservation work. Students will partner with the Australia Pacific Youth Foundation (APYF) and local leaders to help support remote villages. Students will be involved in guided construction work, welfare and education programs in schools as well as some marine conservation work at the direction of local foundations.

For an information pack or if you have any further questions, please contact Mr Daniel Watson on or by phone on 8525 0215.