At Inaburra, every student in Year 2 is given the opportunity to learn either violin and cello as part of the Year 2 Strings Program. It is an absolute pleasure to see a new generation of string students learning a craft that has been passed down from teacher to student since the early 16th century.

Each new string group brings with it a hope of seeing students fall in love with the instrument and continue to play well into their Senior School years and beyond.

Inaburra’s Year 2 String students have already experienced the joy of plucking and bowing their violins and cellos to find the absolute wonder of making a musical sound .

Violin and cello students are now exploring the many different ways of producing sound and are gaining the necessary skills to be able to  play their very first tune. As with most beginner instrumentalists ‘Hot Cross Buns’ is going to be heard across many student’s homes in a short while and I want to seek parent’s support in encouraging their children to practice the instrument to improve their skills.

On a personal note I cannot wait for our first Year 2 Strings performance, where students get to experience the excitement of performing in front of a live audience and being centre stage!

Irena Dimitrovska
Strings Coordinator