Generations…from little things, big things grow!

Last Tuesday night saw Junior School join with Senior School in a wonderful performance event – Generations. Please enjoy the photos and some reflections on the importance and value of the role the different generations play in our lives.

My husband, Ben, and I feel that music education is a high priority in our children’s lives as it has lifelong benefits. In playing a musical instrument, children slowly become ‘comfortable with being uncomfortable’ as learning a new piece is often challenging, rigorous and quite frankly uncomfortable. But through grit and perseverance that new music piece becomes learned and mastered…and then the whole process starts again. Pretty soon, self-perceptions around personal capability begin to shift and growth mindset takes off. 

Charlie is completely immersed in the music program at Inaburra School and there is no place he would rather be. 

Alexis Martin (mum of Charlie Martin – Year 7)

The accomplishments are breathtakingly evident, in both the gifting of music and the growth our our youth into young adults with purpose.

Andrew Harding (father of Nate – Year 10, Reuben – Year 7)

It is hard to believe that he almost left the music program before it had even begun. When Riley started at Inaburra in Year 7 he had been playing clarinet for 4 years but there was a huge difference in what was expected of him in comparison to his previous school band. However, with encouragement and practice he persevered.  The culmination of all that musical immersion was on display at the Generations Concert and the Year 12 musical showcase as I proudly watched Riley play on stage with confidence. 

Riley has benefited greatly from the music Program at Inaburra, as it has provided a sense of belonging and a creative outlet for him. 

Pam Buckle (mother of Riley – Year 12, Lauren – Year 11)

The Inaburra Generations Concert was a fantastic night of music from the Junior and Senior ensembles. Every piece was introduced to the audience and beautifully performed and the two Senior students were amazing MC’s which kept the night flowing with student interviews that showcased the interaction across the years. I was really impressed with the wonderful night of music and want to say a huge thanks to Miss Geering and her team of staff and tutors who inspire our children to perform and take advantage of the musical opportunities at Inaburra.

Louise Rasmusen (mum of Zoe – Year 5)

HICES Music Camp 2023 – Great to be back and playing again

Inaburra students in Year 7 to Year 12 recently participated in a HICES Music Camp that had over 370 students from across 30 HICES school in attendance.

The days were filled with lots of rehearsals and tutorials as well as activities at The Tops Conference centre. Our students participated in four different ensemble groups as well as being part of a huge Finale item that had all 370 students on stage at the same time.

Challenges in learning  new music of varying difficulties were overcome to create a program of music for a final concert at the Sydney Town Hall. Inaburra students showed their true Inaburra colours by being punctual to rehearsals, meals and activities and always lending a hand to other students that needed some extra help. I would like to say that this is possibly the best HICES Music Camp that I have had the pleasure of attending.

I look forward to next year’s Year 5 to Year 8 HICES Music Camp. Well done Inaburra!

Mrs Irena Dimitrovska
Strings Coordinator

Wanted: Next Generations of Tuba Players

I am looking for students in Years 4-9 who would be interested in learning the Tuba – no prior musical experience required but commitment to private lessons essential from our specialist teacher. The school supplies the instrument and opportunities, you just need to say ‘yes’. Please contact me if interested – Jennifer Geering