Term 1 has been fantastic in the Library spaces across the school. We have had great conversations about the new books in the collection, enjoyed reading our old favourite series, shared favourite books with others students in the class or grade, and celebrated Harmony Week.

A few helpful links:

Students have been encouraged to borrow books from our Libraries to read and enjoy over the holidays. There is also an option to borrow books on our ePlatform (https://inaburra.wheelers.co/). Students can log in using their normal Inaburra credentials (the first part of their email address) and password. This is a great way to browse new and different texts – they even have an audio-book feature!

Literary Family Fun

New questions to get you talking:

1. What was Mr Scrooge’s first name in Charles Dickens’ book A Christmas Carol?
2. What is the name of Spot the dog’s mother?
3. Small Steps was the story about which character from Holes two years after his release?
4. Whose mother conducted experiments where children were severed from their daemons?
5. What Greek monster asked riddles?

Last Newsletter’s questions and answers:

1. Tick Tock (from the Disney movie) was what type of creature?
2. The book War Horse has been made into a movie and what else?
3. What was the name of the Weasley Family’s owl?
4. What ancient Greek poet is now linked with a donut-loving dad?
5. What colour outfit is worn by Catboy in PJ Masks?

1. Crocodile     2. Stage Show/Play     3. Errol     4. Homer     5. Blue

Look out for the answers (and some new questions) in upcoming Newsletters.

Holiday Activities at Local Libraries

Sutherland Shire Libraries: April school holidays activities for 4-12 year olds

Free and low cost activities in Sutherland Shire Council libraries on various dates from Tuesday 11 to Friday 21 April. Focus on fun, intrigue and mystery.
More information and bookings

Sutherland Shire Libraries: April school holidays activities for 13+

Free and low-cost holiday activities and youth week events for young people 13-20 in Sutherland and Cronulla Libraries. Includes illustration and bad art workshops; murder mystery; periods, pain and endometriosis program; and Library after Dark: Teen Takeover.
Various dates from Thursday 13 to Saturday 22 April
More information and bookings

Georges River Libraries: April school holidays activities and Youth Week event for 5-18 year olds

Free school holiday activities and a youth week event in Georges River Council libraries. Includes foam printing, scavenger hunt, digital storytelling, and teen trivia.
Various dates from Wednesday 12 to Thursday 20 April
More information and bookings

Happy Holidays!

Mrs Emily You
K-12 Library Coordinator