IPSHA Boys Football (Soccer) Trials

On Monday 11 March Aslan K, Aeson T, Shayhil D (Year 6) headed to North Turramurra for the IPSHA Boys Football (Soccer) Trials.  With over 100 boys trialling for only 12 places, competition was tough – Shayhil made it to the top 40 while Aslan the top 20.

IPSHA Girls Netball Trials

Ruby F (Year 6) and Sophia M (Year 5) headed to Pymble Ladies College on Tuesday 19 March to trial for a place on the IPSHA Girls Netball Team, both girls gave their best effort and enjoyed the experience but did not make the team this year.

Inaburra Beep Run House Competition

Students across K-6 thoroughly enjoyed competing for their house in the Beep Run competition held on Wednesday 13 March in the Inaburra gym.  In fact, the overall points at the end of the day were so close with the difference between 1st and 4th place being only 24 points!  Congratulations to Buriburi who were the overall winners by just 6 points – 2nd Gunnargan, 3rd Galu and 4th Guriwala.

Congratulations to Aslan Kadri who set a new Junior School record for the highest beep run score of 11.3, and to the following students who were placegetters in their age divisions:


12 Years:
1 Rebecca Wright
2 Ruby Fletcher
3 Lucinda Pascoe

11 Years:
1 Avari Noon
2 Naomi Commins
3 Alina Popovic

10 Years:
1 Maddie Honan
2 Harper Bourne
3 Valentina Highland

8/9 Years:
1 Eva Lichner
2 Brooke Stevens
equ 3 Hannah Pascoe
equ 3 Hillary Vu

Year 1 Girls:
1 Raven Roqica
2 Angela Gao
3 Bella Honan

Kindergarten Girls:
1 Catherine Fouskarinis
2 Evie Haberley
3 Bel Vassilieff


12 Years:
1 Aslan Kadri
2 Shayhil Daya
3 Takumi Little

11 Years:
1 Joshua Krcmar
2 Joel Eastburn
equ 3 James Dib
equ 3 Sean Moloney
equ 3 Xavier Dunn

10 Years:
1 Reuben Yenson
2 Saxon Rhodes
3 Andrew Wright

8/9 Years:
1 Luca Dunn
equ 2 Hudson Coppin
equ 2 Shaneel Daya

Year 1 Boys:
1 Dean Angelakis
2 Theodore Mikhael
3 William Simpson

Kindergarten Boys:
1 Harvey Miller
2 Daniel Murgovski
3 Harrison Matthews

Friday Afternoon Cricket

Our Inaburra students have loved joining with Scots and Danebank each Friday making new friends and improving their cricket skills week by week!

National Ride2School Day

Our Junior School students joined more than 350,000 students from almost 900 schools around Australia who took part in this year’s National Ride2School Day.  We saw a big increase this year in the number of Inaburra students who chose to ride their bikes, scooters or walk to school with their parents, grandparents, friends and even dogs!  Thank you to our parents and caregivers who made the extra effort today to facilitate this and hopefully it will be the start of a new healthy habit!

Why Ride2School?

  • Bike riding is the easiest way to get healthy: It is recommended that children get 60 minutes of physical activity every day to maintain their health, and riding a bike to school is an easy and fun way to make sure they are hitting this target. It’s also a great way for parents to spend quality time with their children.
  • It improves physical activity rates: In the 1970’s, 80% of all school children rode or walked to school but now more than two-thirds go by car. Thanks to Ride2School that trend is reversing – schools that participate in the Ride2School Program report an average active travel rate of 54%.
  • It helps build confidence: Riding, walking, skating or scooting to school will make your students feel more self-sufficient, build resilience and helps them to develop an awareness of road safety and the environment around them.
  • Students perform better in class: Being active on the school journey has a much greater impact on student concentration than having breakfast before school. A Danish study has shown that children who walk or ride to school display improved concentration for 4 hours longer than those who are driven.

Upcoming Events

Week 9

Monday 25 March – CIS Girls Football (Soccer) Trials
Tuesday 26 March – IPSHA Boys Touch Football Trials
Wed 27 March – CIS Primary Swimming Championships

Week 10

Thursday 4 April – CIS Primary Boys Football (Soccer) Championships
Saturday 6 April – IPSHA Cross Country Carnival

Week 11

Monday 8 April – CIS Primary Boys AFL Trials
Thursday 11/Friday 12 April – NSWPSSA State Swimming Championships
Friday 12 April – K’s For Katoke Fun Run/Walk

Mrs Robyn Carroll
K-6 Sports Coordinator