We are pleased to announce the publishing of our Strategic Direction document which outlines our goals for the next four years (2022 – 2025). I have provided a summary of this document in previous newsletters, but I wanted to take the opportunity to write about the document and provide some of the thinking behind our focus areas.

The Strategic Plan has three separate layers which parents will be able to explore within the document as a whole. The very top layer identifies three overarching goals – these goals relate to the type of community that we are seeking to build at Inaburra. That is, we wish to work towards becoming a kingdom-of-God shaped community, an academic community and a flourishing community. These three goals reflect our particular approach to education which brings together a worldview that provides a reason for hope and optimism as well as a focus on developing learning character and positive wellbeing in all of our students. We seek to provide our students with a learning environment that encourages them to grow in wisdom as much as knowledge, to become people who can thrive during their time at school and throughout their lives after school.

As such, our three primary goals represent a holistic approach to education at Inaburra. Within each of these three overarching goals there are five sub-goals. These five sub-goals relate to more specific focus areas which we believe will assist us to be the type of community we are seeking to become. For example, we are looking to become a kingdom-of-God shaped community by focusing on five areas

1.1 Encouraging our students to put on the virtues of grace, compassion, humility and kindness
1.2 G
iving students opportunities to engage with the message of hope and reconciliation central to the Christian worldview
1.3 Encouraging our students to serve and support other communities
1.4 Understanding what it means for us as a school to be on Dharawal country
1.5 Building respect for diversity within our community

By reading further, you will find additional information relating to each of the sub-goals including strategies for achieving these different goals and approaches to measuring success in each of these different areas.

This Strategic Plan is quite different to our previous plan in terms of its scope and detail. Our hope is that the breadth of the plan provides multiple points of contact for members of our community and that over the next three years we will see many people engaged in different aspects of this Strategic Plan. I look forward to engaging with members of our community regarding the different elements of our Strategic Plan and working in collaboration with many people towards the achievement of these goals. 

Dr James Pietsch