UOW Discovery Day

Year 12 recently visited the University of Wollongong to get a taste of University life. The day included various departments presenting lectures on an area of interest related to their subject such as; How to fall in love, survive at work, and predict the future (Sociology), What can we do with media? (Communication & Media), Getting a Head Start: Sports Psychology and its Applications, and Bio-molecular Physicists: A new and powerful generation of Scientists.

The purpose of the day was for students to start thinking about their post school options. For some, the day may have reinforced their desire to go to University whilst others may now feel that other educational or work pathways are what they seek. By having a sneak preview of what 2021 may look like, hopefully students will be able to aim for it, set their goals to achieve those aims and maximise their time left at High School to achieve the results necessary to see these aims come to fruition.

Upcoming on the Careers Calendar
  • Year 12 students should keep an eye out for ANU applications – they open in March and are separate to the normal UAC process. Other early entry programs have varying starts through the year. Explore more about these programs.
  • Year 11 and 12 students enrolled in TVET classes should have all the information they require to start their classes next Tuesday (which is orientation day.) Please contact Mr Jones if there are any queries in regards to starting on Tuesday.
  • Year 10 Mock Interview Day – later in Term 1 Year 10 students will be trained on how to be effective in job interviews by Mr Howard Smith of The Business Concierge company before completing a mock interview at school.
Online Resources

JobJump is a great online resource to keep students updated with possible post school pathways. Years 10 – 12 will be introduced to this program throughout Term 1. One important aspect of this website is it generates regular email updates that can be personalised to advise about forthcoming careers events throughout Sydney.

Mr Stuart Jones, the Careers Counsellor can be contacted via email.

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