Year 10 Support
This time of year is always busy in the world of careers. Students in Year 10 have been deciding what their subjects might look like next year having been presented to by Mr Bailey and the curriculum team. There is support online for students (and their parents) to help build their knowledge of subjects. If you are unaware of the links needed for this process please get in touch with Mr Bailey or myself. The various subject coordinators also answered student questions on Wednesday during extended Home Group. Online interviews with students and parents re careers and subject selection have also been occurring and continue to be available with me, again just email for more information on these.

Year 12 Support
Year 12 students have been completing interviews in regards to their educational or vocational pathways next year and parents have been copied into the follow up email so that you can discuss with your child the pathways they are investigating. Year 12 should also use this to focus their attention to the upcoming events their educational or vocational institutions are holding so they can keep updated with information relevant to their personal pathway. With so much information changing all the time students should keep an eye on the Google Classroom for Year 12 careers for more information about their institution or vocation of interest.

In the next week students will receive a hard copy of the UAC guide. When receiving this students will get a presentation on how to complete the UAC application but if parents are interested they can watch the UAC presentation here.

In terms of early entry students need to follow this up themselves with the institutions they are interested in but because of the number of students who apply at UOW for early entry we will explain this process closer to the mid July date it will be opening.

Online support and information for any interested students and their parents is plentiful in supply but here are a few suggestions for this week:

  1.   This is a great up to date website about Unis (more are being added on) directly for future students. It is populated by the Unis themselves with up to date information.
  2.   Information, videos and podcasts about a variety of careers.
  3.  A site and app aiming to help young people find employment.
  4.   Current videos outlining educational and vocational choices post school.
  5.  Just one example of a group organisation that supports apprentices and trainees in Australia.

Please email should you have any questions about any of the above or a more generalised careers question.

Mr Stuart Jones
Careers Counsellor