Training Band 2022 – The Start of the Concert Band Journey

On Thursday afternoon 46 students from Years 3 and 4 descended upon the Band Room to collect their instruments for the year ahead. Excited, a little nervous, but completely open and ready for the opportunities that lay ahead.

Inaburra has a comprehensive Concert Band Program, and the Training Band is where it all begins. Many of our graduating HSC students start in the Training Band and have seen the program all the way through, whilst many students join us in Year 7 from other schools. Inaburra is where it all comes together.

Training Band is at the beginning of their Concert Band journey. The first notes squeaked out in those early days of learning an instrument will soon turn in to sweet melodies and full blown harmonies, new friendships, character building and life enriching experiences… not to mention performances both here at school, locally, nationally and internationally.

Being in an ensemble is where the magic happens!

So seeing 46 keen-faced students ready for Training Band is inspirational and testifies to the willingness of our students to learn, the quality of our teachers, and our wonderful community here at Inaburra.  


Jennifer Geering
Director of Music K-12