During Library lessons, students in Stage 3 have been working on a Digital Breakout based on the novels that were shortlisted for Book of the Year by the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

Each week a new book is introduced by Ms Chisholm and the breakout for that book is released on the Inaburra Junior Library website.

To complete each Week’s breakout task, students work together with their learning partner to complete a series of tasks that leads to a code word.

Firstly, they need to read a digital copy of the first chapter of the book, then answer a quiz about the chapter they have read. The correct answer is required to continue on to the next question. They can try as often as they like. When all questions are correct, they are given a link to a jigsaw puzzle. On successful completion of the puzzle they find a code word hidden in the picture. These code words are recorded in a document each week. In the last lesson this term, the code words will be used to complete a word puzzle and when complete, they BREAK OUT!

All students who successfully break out with receive a small prize for completing the entire task.

The students really seem to be enjoying the challenge. It is giving them a little taste of each of these books and many are borrowing or reserving the actual book to read.

If you’d like to try it, go to the Inaburra Junior Library website and select Stage 3 Digital Breakout from the first page and select a book.


We are currently setting up a Stage 3 Library Branch in the Learning Centre where students will borrow each week from a set of books specifically selected for their age group. There is wonderful new furniture and shelving on its way. We hope to open this new Library Branch in Week 3.  Photos coming!

Ms Julie Chisholm
Teacher-Librarian – Junior School