Sydney Writer’s Festival: What an Excursion!

On Friday 26 May, 32 students across Years 3-6 went to the Sydney Writer’s Festival Primary School Day held at the new Sutherland Performing Arts Centre. Accompanied by Mrs Gallagher, Mrs Schipp and Mrs You, these students joined a crowd of hundreds to hear from fantastic authors and illustrators including Jordan Gould, A. F. Steadman, Maryam Master and Cristy Burne, and be inspired to grow as readers and writers.

A range of books from these authors have now been added to our Library collection, and students in Years 3-6 have been thrilled to be able to borrow these new books.

Here is what some of our Years 3 and 4 students had to say:

“I loved the Sydney Writers’ Festival because I got to learn about the author’s backgrounds and their stories. I feel inspired to write a chapter book when I’m older.” Ariella S, 3G

“The coolest things at Sydney Writers’ Festival were the activities that each author had based on their books and their passion. Words are powerful because it can change a person’s opinion but they also can’t be taken back.” Lexi C, 3G

“Words are powerful because you can’t unhear something. I was inspired by Cristy Burne and the way she uses things she knows in odd ways.” Reuben Y, 3B

“I like creating characters with the authors that could be included in their stories. I feel inspired to write a book about phoenixes. Words are powerful because they can change people.” Toby G, 3B

“I think the Sydney Writers’ Festival was fun because the writers had something that was interactive and related to their books, like a marshmallow cannon and creating characters.” Harriet G, 3B

“I was most inspired by the story No Words because what happened in the book happened in reality. The coolest things were watching the rocket go off and hearing from the authors.” India D, 3G

“I enjoyed that we got to design our own character for the Wylah series.” Taylor K, 3B

And… here are some snaps from the event:

Sustained Silent Reading

All of the classes across Kindergarten to Year 4 have been participating in a Sustained Silent Reading Challenge as part of our Library lessons. If your child is in K-4, don’t hesitate to ask them how our Library lessons are going, and ask them what great literature they have been reading! Here are some pictures of our Year 3 classes this fortnight loving the books in our Library…

Book Fair…Save The Date!

Tuesday 27 June, 2:00pm – 6:00pm

It’s nearly time for the Book Fair! Look out in the next Newsletter for the online bookshop link, where K-12 students and their families can browse and order what will be available on Tuesday 27 June. The Book Fair will be a great chance for some artsy, literary fun for families. Look here for more information in the next Newsletter, and watch out for more information direct to your emails.

Literary Family Fun

New questions to get you talking:

  1.     Who is the big huggable giant in the Harry Potter series?
  2.     How many labours did Heracles have to perform?
  3.     Amelia Bedelia would often misunderstand tasks. What was her job?
  4.     Who guarded the entrance to the Gryffindor Common Room?
  5.     How did the kids learn about the Mysterious Benedict Society?

Look out for the answers (and some new questions) in upcoming Newsletters.

Last Newsletter’s questions and answers:

  1. Zaphod Beeblebrox commanded the spaceship the Heart of Gold in what book?
  2. What grew out of the Gorgons’ heads?
  3. What was the poet Wordsworth’s first name?
  4. According to JK Rowling what colour is an Ickabog?
  5. Who wore a wolf suit when he visited wild monsters?

 1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy     2. Snakes 3. William   4. Green    5. Max

A few helpful links:

Inaburra Senior Library website:

Inaburra Junior Library website:

As well as borrowing from our physical collections, there is also an option to borrow books on our ePlatform ( Students can log in using their normal Inaburra credentials (the first part of their email address) and password. This is a great way to browse new and different texts – they even have an audio-book feature!

Mrs Emily You
K-12 Library Coordinator