Todd Woodbridge Cup Tennis Gala Day (Stage 3)

On Wednesday 17 August all our Stage 3 students headed to Wests Tennis Club to enjoy a day of competition and fun playing tennis. We had 12 teams playing and our Inaburra 1 team consisting of Harper Fifer, Ashleigh Kelly, Georgie Henning, Angelina Ibrahim, Neva Shrestha, Ayush Sarathy, Ethan Kyte, Christian Bernard, Sam Fraser & Olivier Malcaus made it through to the Grand Final. The score was a tie with both Bardia Public School winning 2 games and Inaburra winning 2 games so on a count back we lost only by 2 points.

Congratulations to Chloe Battersby and Harrison Ceely who were acknowledge by Tennis NSW staff for their outstanding sportsmanship on the day. Also congratulations to Jordyn Mullens, Emily Lewis, Xander Yee and Aidan Hawkes who were presented with the award for outstanding team work.

Thank you to the wonderful Stage 3 teachers Mr Ayre, Mrs Terry, Mrs Lindeback, Mr Peters, Miss Hayes and Mrs Brock for all their help on the day to give our students such a positive experience. And a special thank you to our parent helpers on the day Jessica Malcaus, Lisa Hawkes and Tara Cowper for all their support and photos!

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