K’s for Katoke

 $11,535 – AMAZING! This is the amount our K-6 students raised by walking and running in the Ks for Katoke event held on Wednesday 29 June at Billa Oval. Thank you to all the families and friends who sponsored our students to raise these funds to help children in Tanzania access education at the Katoke School. It was a wonderful sunny day where we were able to come together as an Inaburra community to help others, as well as celebrate the end of a very busy term and give thanks to God for the many blessings He has given us.

Thank you to Coles at Kirrawee who gave us a $150 voucher used to cover costs of donuts and drinks we had for our treat picnic, as well as OMG Decadent Donuts who donated their donuts for those with special dietary requirements. Thanks to Bangor Brumbies Football Club who gave us access to their clubhouse to use electricity so we could play music for the students to move to. Thanks to the Petty Family who took a couple of hundred empty popper boxes home to be recycled through the ‘return and earn’ so those funds could be donated back to Katoke.

CSSA South Met Zone Athletics Carnival

We wish the following students all the best as they head out to Campbelltown Athletics Track on Monday 1 August to compete in the CSSA Primary South Met Zone Athletics Carnival:

2K     Grace          Leech
2K     Noah           Nacoski
2K     Ava              Playle
2P     Lachlan       Cafe
2P     Harriet         Gibara
2P     Jasmine       Moussa
2P     Alexander    Nebauer
2P     Elyse           Page
2P     Andrew        Wright
3B     James         Dib
3G    Meisha        Hughes
3G    Zayne          Sikic
3G    Samantha    Stafidas
3G    Amelia         Walker
4A     Amelie         Evins
4A     Evie             Fifer
4A     Aslan           Kadri
4A     Matthew      Petty
4A     Elisabeth     Richardson
4A     Rye              Scott
4W   Emily           Cafe
4W   Isaac           Eljouni
4W   James         Geering
4W   Beau            Nacoski
4W   Aiden           Qerba
4W   Hannah       Standen
4W   William         Watt
4W   Rebecca      Wright
5B     Ethan           Commins
5B     Brooke         Cross
5B     Max             Ericksson
5C    Elle              Cordato
5C    Olivia           Krcmar
5H    Blake           Kapo
5H    Veronica      Rogers
5H    Ella              Simpson
5H    Ellie             Wolf
5L     Jazz            Crampton
5L     Joshua        Dick
5L     Cali              Mackinder
5L     Lachlan       Redmond
5L     Rachael       Young
5R    Callen          Matthews
6B     Harper         Fifer
6B     Kyle             Patterson
6B     Judah          Searles
6C    Annabel       Crooks
6C    Ethan           Kyte
6C    Alicia            Pearson
6C    Harry           Roberts
6H    Jacob          Eljouni
6H    Alana           Mokas
6H    Tori              Veleski
6L     Chloe           Battersby
6L     Mitchell        Booth
6L     Harrison      Ceely
6L     Inneke         de Vries
6L     Tyler            Little
6L     Zachary       Standen
6R    Sam             Petty
6R    Neva            Shrestha
6R    Alana           Tripodina

SWAP IT Healthy Lunchbox Program

Inaburra has been invited to be one of the first schools in South Eastern Sydney Local Health District to take part in the SWAP IT healthy lunchbox program. The program has been proven to improve the eating habits of primary school students in other districts. The program provides support and inspiration for parents and carers, making it easy to swap out ‘sometimes’ foods for ‘everyday’ foods in the lunchbox.

Parents will receive weekly messages to support healthy lunchbox swaps (Messages will continue 2 times per term thereafter). Two have already been sent via SeeSaw.  To view these messages and other healthy lunch box ideas follow the link: https://www.goodforkids.nsw.gov.au/early-childhood-services/swap-it/

Upcoming Events

Week 2
Monday 1 August – CSSA South Met Zone Athletics Carnival – Campbelltown Athletics Track
Wednesday 3 August – CIS Primary Girls/Boys Softball Trials
Thursday 4 August – CSSA Primary Boys State Football (soccer) Finals – Penrith

Week 3
Wednesday 10 August – Todd Woodbridge Cup Tennis Gala Day all Stage 2 – Wests Tennis Club
Friday 12 August – Friday Afternoon Soccer K-6 – 5Sports Caringbah 

Week 4
Wednesday 17 Aug – CIS Primary Girls Cricket Trials
Wednesday 17 Aug – Todd Woodbridge Cup Tennis Gala Day all Stage 3
Friday 19 Aug – Friday Afternoon Soccer K-6 – 5Sports Caringbah

Please click here for the full schedule of Term 3 Sport.

If you have any questions about sport in the Junior School please contact Mrs Robyn Carroll carrollr@inaburra.nsw.edu.au