Changes to reporting in the Senior School

The first priority area in our Strategic Direction 2019 – 2021 document is Empowering Students as Learners: Embedding the different aspects of the Inaburra Learner Profile into every learning cycle. One of the key strategies identified in this document for achieving this goal is “Provide feedback to students on how they are developing as learners using the attributes articulated in the ILP”. Towards this end, reports in the Senior School will look a little different in 2020, providing students with such feedback. 

Reports in 2020 will include a section titled “Inaburra Learner Profile Attributes” which will include at least three different items relating to the ILP for every subject. During the first couple of weeks of this term, students are being informed by their teachers which attributes they will be focusing on developing in each subject and how teachers will be assessing these different attributes. Across the Senior School, students will have opportunities to develop their capacity to learn how to communicate, collaborate, think creatively and critically, be resourceful and resilient. They will also have the opportunity to be leaders in the classroom as well as engaged and aware global citizens. The seven items, from which at least three will appear for each subject, are:

  • Effectively uses a wide range of resources to develop their understanding
  • Demonstrates the capacity to think creatively and critically
  • Communicates effectively with others
  • Collaborates well with other members of the class
  • Demonstrates resilience and takes responsibility for their own learning
  • Engages with and shows awareness of global issues
  • Supports and guides other students in their learning

The Inaburra Learner Profile Attributes will replace the different measures of Effort which appeared on previous reports. However, each teacher will still be required to give students a score in relation to their overall effort.

In the Junior School, there is a strong emphasis on teaching students how to learn, how to work in teams and how to communicate more effectively. By measuring these different attributes across the Senior School, teachers and students are encouraged to build on the foundations laid in the Junior School. As well, I hope that by engaging in a thirteen-year conversation about learning, our students will be equipped to build their capacity to learn throughout the rest of their lives. Whether they become solicitors, plumbers, mechanics or bankers – in our ever-changing world we will all need to be learners.

I hope you are looking forward to the coming year in which we have the opportunity to work together to forge a learning community characterised by faith, hope and love; a community in which every person is known and loved, every person is encouraged to grow and flourish and every person is able to know and experience the restoration, healing and forgiveness that God has made possible.

Dr James Pietsch