As we near the finish line, it is a joy to know that we are concluding the Term with Mission Week. I always look forward to this week as it is a week full of activities, fun and community spirit focused on the growth of Christian faith. We give thanks for the faith, enthusiasm and creativity of our Chaplaincy Team who work so hard to provide a week of activities that can enable students to explore their own faith, to ask questions and to seek answers. I encourage you to discuss the themes of this week with your child and to engage in conversations which will be life-changing.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you as parents for the support and encouragement I have received this term. It has been very busy, and knowing you support the values of Inaburra and trust in our leadership makes all the difference. It has been a privilege to serve the School as Head of Senior School. I will now be stepping down though as my role was to provide time for the Executive re-structure. As Dr Pietsch has outlined in his update, Mr Christopher Smith will be the new Head of Senior School and I know he will lead the school with wisdom, vision and care for students, parents and staff. Although I am officially retiring, my love for Inaburra means you may still see me about doing casual work. 

I hope you will find time in the holidays to be able to rest and relax with your family. The holidays also provide time to reflect on, and celebrate, the achievements of your child over this term, how they have grown and developed, not just in their academic knowledge but as young people preparing for the world in which they live.

Uniform Reminder

As the colder days of Term 2 approach, all students should have a blazer. The school jumper can be worn under the blazer but is not accepted as the outer garment for travelling to and from school. The blazer is the accepted outer garment. 

Blessings for Easter and the holidays.

Mrs Gill Powell
Head of Senior School