Welcome back to Term 2 and the many varied learning activities engaging body, mind and spirit that are part of this ten week journey. As we engage with a very full itinerary, it is important as well as helpful to place Christ at the centre of each day, each week, each and every experience. I trust that many if not all families had some memorable moments during the recent break. It is often the simple things that bring us the greatest pleasure – learning and playing new board games, going for a family bushwalk, attending a dawn service together on ANZAC day.

I am going to offer a challenge to all families this term. How guilty are we all (and I definitely include myself in this) of scrolling through our phones – social media often – and ‘zoning out’. Why not instead gather the whole family in the same room with a favourite book and engage in just 10 minutes of Sustained Silent Reading (SSR). There is no room to engage in meaningful dialogue here, but suffice to say that our love for Facebook, YouTube shorts, Instagram are negatively impacting our capacity to engage our imaginations and also to build our long term memory, never mind the impact this kind of individualistic behaviour has on our relationships with those we supposedly love more than anyone else! SO please take up the challenge and then share a little of what you are reading – I dare you….

Are you looking forward to next week’s Frozen-a-thon? I sure am. While the songs have been indelibly etched in my memory for many years now (thanks girls), Mrs Jones, Mrs Croucher and Mrs McGovern have pulled together an amazing and engaging production. Mr Roberts has come up yet again with some extraordinarily innovative technical additions which will make this show even more memorable.

Congratulations to all students, parents and teachers on an outstanding walk / runathon last Thursday morning to benefit people struggling to live well in the Shire. Already as a school we have raised well over $5000 for the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal – and there are other events yet to come. It is such a privilege to be supporting social and charitable works within our local community.

Finally, just another reminder to be respectful of our school and our neighbours with your driving, parking and pedestrian habits. 

  • Don’t park across driveways – either that of the School or any of our neighbours in surrounding streets
  • Use the pedestrian crossing – be safe, provide a good model to your children and look after motorists who are trying to drive safely on Billa Road
  • Don’t cut across or park on neighbour’s lawns – and yes I have witnessed this multiple times
  • Don’t park in Bowra Close (right next to the school) – it is for local residents and delivery vehicles only.

Enjoy the glorious Autumn weather and have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Andrew Coote
Head of Junior School