Year 7 have enjoyed an exciting, eventful and smooth start to high school, amidst the ongoing challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented. In Week 3, the incoming Year 7 cohort embarked on their three-day overnight camp at the Port Hacking YouthWorks campsite from Monday 14 to Wednesday 16 February.

The YouthWorks Deer Park and Chaldercot campsites are nestled beautifully alongside the Port Hacking River and surrounded by the picturesque flora and fauna of the Royal National Park. This provided a fantastic location for our Year 7 Camp which is focused on building relationships, strong connections and confidence.

Our Inaburra Year 7 cohort (142 students and 13 staff) were able to thoroughly enjoy the various outdoor activity options on offer while consolidating newly formed friendships and connections with peers and teachers, whilst also developing their resilience through the outdoor education program.

God provided us with idyllic weather, as amazing sunshine and a gentle coastal breeze greeted us throughout each day. The students and staff were able to collaboratively and actively participate in a range of exciting adventure activities such as: Dragon Boating, Bush Cooking, Sky Web High Ropes, Abseiling, Mangroves, Pool Rafting, Water Sliding and Christian Discovery.

Mr Pegg (one of our School Chaplains) shared truth, wisdom and hope from God’s word, and encouraged and challenged students to consider and continue to explore and strengthen their relationship with Jesus moving forward through two evening messages.

Our amazing Year Advisors and Homegroup Teachers were fantastic as they energetically supported and assisted their homegroups to navigate the challenges and triumphs of camp. We enjoyed visits from Dr Pietsch and Mr Collins during the two evenings as they came to encourage the students and staff and enjoy a meal with everyone in the busy and dynamic dining hall.

On the second night of camp we had a special staff team (Mrs Clarke, Mrs Grant, Mr McOrist and Mr Langley) who visited to facilitate a fantastic night of energetic, fun team building challenges and games, thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Our students and staff managed to successfully navigate the ongoing challenge of needing to wear masks indoors and we were all able to challenge ourselves and each other to step out of our comfort zones and build confidence in trying new things and experiences.

The Youthworks Instructors were a brilliant team that welcomed, guided and supported us all throughout the camp program. As camp finished and we all departed on the Wednesday afternoon, there were many tired eyes, accompanied by many smiling faces.


Overall, Year 7 Camp was a great success and fantastic experience for all, as many memories were created and new friendships established. We are already very proud of Year 7, as they have displayed strength, resilience, bravery, kindness, teamwork and camaraderie and have learnt invaluable relational and problem solving skills.

We look forward to seeing the students continue to develop and thrive as the adventure of 2022 unfolds.


Matthew Tomlin
Director of Student Wellbeing 7-8

Attending Year 7 Staff Team:

Year Advisors: Mr Lukins and Mrs Gibara 

Home Group Teachers: Mr Smith (7B1), Mrs Lang (7B2), Mr MacIntyre (7G1), Mrs Wilson (7G2), Mrs Hansen (7R1), Mrs Jones (7R2), Ms Lynch (7Y1), Ms Anvieh (7Y2).

Chaplains: Mr Pegg & Jess Wiles (MBC Young Adults/Youth Pastor)