In our recent newsletters, I wrote about the three strands of how music education is experienced at Inaburra: Classroom – Co-Curricular – Peripatetic and each student at Inaburra receives a music education through one or all of these aspects of our program at various points in their schooling.

Over the coming weeks, I wanted to offer three perspectives of how these strands of music education are experienced in our community:

Perspectives: Teacher – Student – Parent

Parent Perspectives

This week, we will look at how music education is experienced at Inaburra through the perspective of parents across our whole school community.

Weekly highlight!

My daughter is in Year 1 and plays piano and violin, and loves her music lessons with Mrs McGovern and K/1 Choir each week with Mrs Christensen. 

Being able to play music means my daughter is extended in the opportunities she is able to participate in, for example, the highlight of her week is coming along with her friends to Mrs D’s Elementary Strings group.  

I enjoy seeing my daughter grow in her sense of belonging that comes from making music together, not to mention the motivation to practice when she’s doing it with others!

Matt – father of Emily (Year 1)

Focus, motivation and lifelong learning…

My children have absolutely embraced music at Inaburra. They all look forward to Mrs McGovern’s weekly music lesson and are involved in every music ensemble that is offered in the Junior School. 

Our family were encouraged and supported when each of the girls joined a music ensemble. They were nurtured when learning a new instrument, settled into tutorials and rehearsals and happily made new friends in different year groups. Being involved in music has helped the girls develop focus and motivation, learn to work as a team and understand that putting in effort pays off. This mindset has helped them tremendously at school and in sport. It has also increased their confidence and improved their wellbeing. At home we have loved watching the girls work together and practice for performances. The school concerts are the most highly anticipated events in our family calendar. 

We are incredibly fortunate to have experienced, supportive and passionate music educators at Inaburra. I know my children are receiving a comprehensive music education and are also inspired to have a lifelong love of music. I enjoy seeing the camaraderie amongst the students and music teachers – it’s a special relationship developed over many years of playing music together.

Katy – mum of Ruby (Year 6), Lily (Year 4) and Zoey (Year 2)

Sense of belonging…

Toby is involved with music at the school through Choir, Percussion Ensemble, piano lessons, Junior Concert Band (trombone) and classroom music. The quality and standard of the musical offerings at the school was a critical component in our families decision to send him here.

Music is central to who Toby is and how he experiences the world, and his involvement in the musical ensembles have strengthened his sense of belonging in the Inaburra community. He is learning the skills of persistence, and collaboration, and his brain is happiest when there is music happening. A happy brain is a resilient brain that can learn new things.

I love that the kids are encouraged to strive for ambitious goals musically, and I love the sense of of accomplishment you see radiate from the kids when they perform. I also love the way leadership is always folded into these opportunities. You can tell from the way the kids handle themselves when stepping up to the plate to perform, that there is a sense of authenticity and community that has been fostered alongside the high standard of technical capability.

Annie – mum of Toby (Year 4)

Improved confidence for all learning

Rachael is in the Intermediate Concert Band and is also participating in percussion and rhythm topics in her year seven class work. She is learning the flute and loves playing in such a large band and is developing friendships with new students who joined this year in year seven. 

Rachael’s learning of an instrument has greatly improved her general confidence. She was happier undertaking public speaking and her role as a House Captain last year, after having a positive experience with the Junior Concert Band. It is also helpful for her fine motor coordination and means she is more ambidextrous with practice. She is meeting friends from her grade as well as other grades. Rachael is looking forward to field trips and travelling locally and abroad. 

The music community at Inaburra is very supportive and encouraging. Teachers and music students work so well together in practice sessions and concerts. You can tell how much work and effort goes into fostering the music abilities of our kids.

Bryce – father of Rachael (Year 7)

The whole family!

My three children are involved in the music at Inaburra and we feel so privileged to be part of such a creative and rewarding program. My son has chosen elective music for Year 9, is in the Senior Percussion Ensemble and has recently picked up bass guitar, giving him an opportunity to join the Intermediate Concert Band. 

My daughter in Year 6 plays the clarinet and bass clarinet. She loves to welcome and mentor younger musicians, when they join the Junior Concert Band. She also has vocal tuition and loves the opportunities to sing at school assemblies and musicals.

My youngest daughter was inspired to play the Oboe after watching older children play in the band. She is excited to attend her first band camp this year and perform in the PAC. 

The music program at Inaburra provides our family with so much joy. The children love learning a new skill, however it’s the feeling of belonging in a musical group, being part of something, that really excites them. 

Personally I love attending the music concerts staged throughout the year, the standard of performance is extraordinary. I love attending the music concerts and Open Days staged throughout the year. The students and teachers are extraordinary musicians! I often bring my mother to performances too, the joy she feels as a grandmother watching her grandchildren and their peers on stage is delightful.

I’m so grateful for the numerous, ‘proud mama moments’ Inaburra music program provides. 

Angela – mum of Evie (Year 3), Stella (Year 6) and Sebastian (Year 9)

Friendships, lifelong memories and being part of something special…

Being involved in music at Inaburra has really enriched their school experience and given them some wonderful experiences and memories. It’s helped them form friendships and develop essential life skills such as persistence, resilience and patience. Learning an instrument takes time and dedication and being part of an ensemble teaches you about commitment and responsibility to others. 

I love the range of opportunities on offer for students at every age and skill level. I love how musical involvement is integrated across both the Junior and Senior School.

I love how enthusiastic the staff are (classroom teachers, peripatetic tutors and ensemble leaders). I love that they so clearly demonstrate real joyfulness and patience in their interactions with the students. I believe this really encourages the children to do their best and persist when things aren’t easy or don’t go exactly to plan. I love that there is encouragement to strive for and celebrate excellence but not a culture of unhealthy competitiveness which is a hard balance to get right but so important.

Deb – mother of Joel (Year 11), Caleb (graduated 2023) and Alexandra (graduated 2020)

Embark is coming!

Join us on Tuesday 19 March for this visual and sound spectacular as we celebrate our musical beginnings for 2024. EMBARK features six ensembles including Senior Concert Band, Senior Stage Band, Senior A Capella Choir, Chamber Strings, Senior Percussion Ensemble and Intermediate Concert Band.

The Prefect team will be hosting a BBQ and Snack Stall from 5:30pm to raise money for their charity, Youth Off The Streets. Come early and support a great cause!

The performance commences at 7:00pm in the Performing Arts Centre. Tickets are $22.50 each and can be purchased by clicking on the link below.

Ms Jennifer Geering
K-12 Music Director