Write a Book in a Day Fundraiser: It’s a Wrap!

Thank you for the generous support of our two WABIAD teams. Their books went on sale this week at a fundraiser at lunchtime to the Senior School student community. All books ordered as a pledge will be delivered by the end of term. The staff community have been supportive of this initiative as well, with books on sale in our staffrooms this week.

We have raised just over $5000 for the Kids Cancer Project.

Again, a big congratulations to the students in both the teams:

Team “Left on Read”:

Isabella de Silva (7R1), Mia Murphy (7G2), Lucas Small (7G1), James Avdalis (8B1), Jacinta Develyn (8Y1), Franklin Yenson (8B1), Sophia Rauch (8R1), Alexandra Bowen (8Y1) and Liam Barnard (8G2)

Team “Wingg”:

Annabelle Steege (10G2), David Gupta (10B1), Harrison Simpson (10R1), Olivia Hicks (11B2), Cameron Sprod (11R1), Alicia Carroll (11Y2) and Emily Kotevski (11Y1)

Inaburra Reading Challenge

The Reading Challenge has launched earlier this Term, with challenges running for Kindergarten, Years 1-2, Years 3-6 and Years 7-12 respectively. Each challenge level has somewhere between six to sixteen tasks to complete, and entries will be accepted until Term 4 Week 4 Friday 3rd November. Great prizes to be won!

A sneak peek of what this looks like (this is the Year 7-12 challenge):

If your child has misplaced or wants a Challenge form, please ask any English faculty or Library staff member.

Literary Fun

If you and your family tried out the Senior School Book Week Quiz, here are the answers below. How did you go? Our top homeroom group (8B1 pictured below with their prizes) scored a whopping 18/20!

  1. Ned Nickerson is what famous girl detective’s boyfriend? Nancy Drew
  2. What was the name of the Hippogriff that Harry and Hermione rescued from execution in the Harry Potter series? Buckbeak
  3. How was the wolf able to slow down Little Red Riding Hood? Suggested that she pick some flowers
  4. What word in English is the most common spoken word? The
  5. What is a cliché? A well-worn expression or phrase, e.g., ‘the time of my life’
  6. What name is given to the heavy objects placed at either end of a row of books? Bookends
  7. What is special about this phrase: Never odd or even? It’s a palindrome – reads the same both ways
  8. Which girl in the Peanuts strip called Charlie Brown ‘Chuck’? Peppermint Patty
  9. What deadly spell was used frequently by Lord Voldemort? The Killing Curse (Avada Kedavra)
  10. Who said, “I’ll be famous one day but for now I’m stuck in high school with a bunch of morons.”? Greg Heffley (The Wimpy Kid)
  11. What deadly creature comes from the Greek word for ‘little king’? Basilisk
  12. What are the only four letters of the alphabet not used in any of the seven Harry Potter titles? JQUV
  13. In what nonsense poem do you encounter words like: slithy toves, frumious Bandersnatch and mome raths outgrabe? Jabberwocky
  14. What lion was resurrected in the chronicles of Narnia? Aslan
  15. What name is given to the shaft of a bird’s feather used as a writing instrument? Quill
  16. Dick Grayson’s parents were killed in a trapeze accident. Who then looked after him like a true father? Batman (Bruce Wayne)
  17. Who was the poor orphan caught up in a Victorian criminal gang? Oliver Twist
  18. What brutish creature was locked in a labyrinth? Minotaur
  19. Who was late for an important date? The White Rabbit
  20. The character Grandpa Joe features in which two books written by Roald Dahl? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

How did you and your family go? If you need to dust up on your literary knowledge, don’t forget to borrow some great books to read over the holidays (whether from the Inaburra Libraries or elsewhere), or reach out if you want any recommendations.

See you all in Library land in Term 4!

Mrs Emily You
K-12 Library Coordinator