Inaburra Libraries (all four spaces – the Junior Library, Stage 3 Library, Reading Room and Learning Commons) are thankful for any and all the community support we’ve received throughout this year. It has been a busy and exciting time in the life of the Library as we’ve celebrated Book Week.

Senior School Book Week Celebrations

Weeks 4 and 5 saw some great celebrations across Senior School. Students were encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities organised by the Library Team and English Faculty:

  • Quote chalking – adding their favourite quotes to the pavement at break times
  • Homeroom quiz competition – Runners up: 10B2 and 8R2, Winners: 8B1
  • The Inaburra Reading and Writing Challenges (they go until Term 4, Week 4)
  • Picture book sharing – bringing in and telling others about the picture books or early storybooks that inspired or grew them as children
  • Daily Mystery Borrower – winners were: Amy Thompson, Allira McCollin Harley Crampton, Ellie Parker
  • Blind Date with a Book – wrapped up books with a teasing description for loan in the Reading Room
  • Enjoying seeing the teachers dress up!


Two big events were held to celebrate a love for literature and encourage the Inaburra Senior School students to grow as readers and writers.

On Wednesday 16 August, Wai Chim delivered keynote talks to Years 7-10. Wai is a Taiwanese-American-Australian author who has written a number of books including The Surprising Power of a Good Dumping, Freedom Swimmer and Last Place Lin.

In her talks, she spoke candidly about her varied life experiences, including being on the Survivor TV show as well as growing up with a diasporic background and how she struggled to ‘fit in’, as she grew up as an Asian in America and Australia. She encouraged the Year 7-10 students to challenge what’s presented to us, and not take things at face value.

Wai also engaged students in an interesting conversation of ‘Why Write?’ She asked students what gets in the way of writing, and encouraged students to write for themselves. Together with the grades, they explored the idea that writing helps us take control, reflect on ourselves and grows us as individuals.

On Friday 25 August, 16 brave students entered the Write A Book in A Day Team Challenge. These students spent from 8am-6pm in the Reading Room working collaboratively to draft, write, edit, illustrate, publish and deliver a 3500-5000 word short story that will be sent to kids’ (10-16 year old) cancer wards all around Australia.

These students worked tirelessly (and had a lot of fun and snacks) throughout the day, tossing ideas up, working around strange parameters that were given to them as part of the challenge, and stretching themselves as creators and writers.

At the end of the day, we celebrated with pizza and looked through what they had achieved through the day. If you would like to support their work, as well as the work of Kids Cancer Project, a $30 donation can be made and you will receive the published copy of these two books using this link:

The completed books will also be on sale in the Senior Library during lunchtime on Wednesday 13 September.

A huge congratulations to the two teams:

Team “Left on Read”:

Isabella de Silva (7R1), Mia Murphy (7G2), Lucas Small (7G1), James Avdalis (8B1), Jacinta Devlyn (8Y1), Franklin Yenson (8B1), Sophia Rauch (8R1), Alexandra Bowen (8Y1) and Liam Barnard (8G2)

Team “Wingg”:

Annabelle Steege (10G2), David Gupta (10B1), Harrison Simpson (10R1), Olivia Hicks (11B2), Cameron Sprod (11R1), Alicia Carroll (11Y2) and Emily Kotevski (11Y1)

For a bit of fun at home, why don’t you try the Senior School Book Week Homeroom Quiz? Answers in the next Newsletter.

  1.       Ned Nickerson is what famous girl detective’s boyfriend?
  2.       What was the name of the Hippogriff that Harry and Hermione rescued from execution in the Harry Potter series?
  3.       How was the wolf able to slow down Little Red Riding Hood?
  4.       What word in English is the most common spoken word?
  5.       What is a cliché?
  6.       What name is given to the heavy objects placed at either end of a row of books?
  7.       What is special about this phrase: Never odd or even?
  8.       Which girl in the Peanuts strip called Charlie Brown ‘Chuck’?
  9.       What deadly spell was used frequently by Lord Voldemort?
  10.   Who said, “I’ll be famous one day but for now I’m stuck in high school with a bunch of morons.”?
  11.   What deadly creature comes from the Greek word for ‘little king’?
  12.   What are the only four letters of the alphabet not used in any of the seven Harry Potter titles?
  13.   In what nonsense poem do you encounter words like: slithy toves, frumious Bandersnatch and mome raths outgrabe?
  14.   What lion was resurrected in the chronicles of Narnia?
  15.   What name is given to the shaft of a bird’s feather used as a writing instrument?
  16.   Dick Grayson’s parents were killed in a trapeze accident. Who then looked after him like a true father?
  17.   Who was the poor orphan caught up in a Victorian criminal gang?
  18.   What brutish creature was locked in a labyrinth?
  19.   Who was late for an important date?
  20.   The character Grandpa Joe features in which two books written by Roald Dahl?

May the odds be ever in your favour!

Mrs Emily You
K-12 Library Coordinator