2023 Wrap Up 

It has been a great year for us in the Library spaces – the K-4 Junior Library, 5-6 Stage 3 Space, 7-12 Reading Room and the Learning Commons.  

Aside from being a safe and fun hangout as well as learning zone, we’ve celebrated a love for literature and reading across various events this year: 

  • Twilight 
  • Book Fair 
  • Book Week 
  • Books & Bubbles 

Photos from the Year: Quick Throwback! 

 Parent Volunteer Thank You’s 

Thank you to the parents who have come and helped out in various capacities in our Library spaces this year – whether you have taken books home to cover, done some shelf tidying or book sorting, helped set up and pack down events – THANK YOU! The staff and students are blessed by your generosity and appreciate every little bit you have done. 

These volunteers were thanked at an afternoon tea last Friday. 

Holiday Borrowing 

All K-5 students who are staying at Inaburra have been invited to borrow up to 10 books for the holiday season. Likewise, any Year 7-11 student who is continuing on at Inaburra and has completed the Clearance Process is encouraged to borrow a selection of great reads for the summer holidays.  

The Library staff have been supporting students in picking from our fantastic collection and encouraging students to read widely, courageously, and for pleasure over the holidays. 

If you would like some holiday reading and activity ideas, see below!  

Family Literary Fun 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the fortnightly instalments of some family literary fun this year. More to come next year! 

Last Newsletter’s questions and answers: 

  1. ‘Two households both alike in dignity…’ is the opening line of which famous play? 
  2. What is the BFG’s solo food diet? 
  3. What is the chapter one title of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  4. What is the last name of Michael, Peter and Wendy? 
  5. What bird has the same name as Zeus’s mother? 

 Answers: 1. Romeo and Juliet   2.Snozzcumbers   3. The Boy who Lived   4. Darling   5.Rhea 

Holiday Activities and Opportunities  

Find out what’s happening at the Sutherland Shire Libraries across the holidays – https://www.sutherlandshire.nsw.gov.au/play-and-explore/sutherland-shire-libraries 

Ten tips from Felice Arena about reading during the holidays – https://www.penguin.com.au/articles/2225-reading-during-the-holidays  

Visit the State Library of NSW with your child – https://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/learning/kids-and-families/school-holiday-activities  

Go shopping for books at The Best Little Bookshop in Town (Cronulla) – the owner, Grant Fehon, has generously partnered with the school and is offering a 10% discount to all Inaburra families! Just tell bookshop staff that you’re an Inaburra family – or buy online using discount code: INABURRA – https://www.bestlittlebookshopintown.com/  

Mrs Emily You
Library Coordinator K-12