To assist our community navigate the transition to online learning, we have curated the most information and resources from the school, plus links to reliable sources of external information specifically relating to online learning and student wellbeing. Additional support material will continue to be provided as it becomes available.


There is a team of welfare staff who students can contact if they have any concerns about their own wellbeing or the wellbeing of other students.

Senior School students or parents can access their home group teacher as the first point of contact for a welfare concern.
Junior School students or parents are encouraged to contact their class teacher.

Additional support for Senior Students

  1. Year Advisors – Senior students and parents can also contact Year Advisors via email and then a phone call if required. Year Advisors are also running group Google classrooms and/or sending emails to students in their year groups. For the rest of this term Year Advisors will be emailing specific students that have already had different types of support at some stage in their schooling. Teachers can also still email Year Advisors with concerns about a student.
  2. Directors of Wellbeing can also be contacted in relation to student matters. Currently, they remain in contact via email with students that they have been working with and will continue to support them and their families with any new concerns that arise. When it is necessary for them to speak with students, they have been doing so over the phone, with parent’s permission.
  3. School Counsellors – Where appropriate, students are being referred to the School Counsellors for additional support. Online meetings can be set up with school counsellors during this time and, where appropriate, meetings can also be held at school. Parents and students can also contact the relevant Year Advisor or Stage Coordinator to set up a time to speak to one of our Counsellors.

Helpful Links and Information