Updated COVID-19 guidelines for Inaburra School Parents

23 February 2022

This afternoon we received official notice of guidelines for schools for the next two weeks.

Mask wearing in schools

From Monday 28 February, masks will no longer be mandatory for staff or students in the Senior School. This includes all staff working onsite in the Senior School and visitors visiting the Senior School.

Mask wearing will still be compulsory for Junior School staff up until Monday 7 March at which time staff will no longer be required to wear masks.

Students and staff in the Senior School and Junior School will still be able to wear masks if they wish to.

Masks continue to be mandatory, however, on public transport for all students aged 12 and older.

Cohorting in schools

From Monday 28 February, there will be no requirement for students to be separated into cohorts. This will mean that we can run assemblies in the Senior School (for years 7 – 9 and then for Years 10 – 12) and in the Junior School (for all students in the school). It will also mean that we start to plan for rehearsals for the Senior School Musical and run lunchtime events for students across different cohorts (such as Tribe in the Senior School).

Having said this, schools are still encouraged to consider whether risk mitigation strategies (such as wearing masks indoors or moving specific activities outdoors) should be implemented in such situations. Each school will need to consider the risk in their particular context and make decisions accordingly. We will continue to consider whether such strategies are necessary for different events over the coming weeks.

Parents onsite

Parents can now come onsite for meetings or to assist in classrooms. In line with the NSW Department of Education we will not be requiring visitors to the school to inform us of their vaccination status from Monday 28 February.

RAHT kits

Rapid Antigen Home Testing (RAHT) kits have been provided to the school to be distributed to families this week. It will be up to individual families to decide how best to use them. Some of the tests we have in supply are nasal swab tests while others are saliva tests. Our plan is to hand these tests out to students on Friday afternoon this week. Students in K – 4 will receive the nasal swab tests and older students will receive the saliva tests. If you would prefer a different test to those allocated to your students’ year group, please contact the school on contactus@inaburra.nsw.edu.au.

Guidelines for students who test positive or who are household contacts of a person who has tested positive have not changed. In both cases, the student must self-isolate for seven days. At the conclusion of the period of isolation, so long as the student is symptom-free, they can return to school.

Dr James Pietsch