The Department of Education are working closely with the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC), NSW Health and other agencies to ensure schools continue to operate in the safest ways possible in the COVID-19 environment. Inaburra continues to follow their directions.

We ask that you continue to check the current NSW Government COVID-19 news and updates on hotspot areas and public health orders.

We encourage families to refer to this page as the authoritative source of truth regarding Inaburra School’s response to the COVID-19 situation. It will continue to be updated as new information comes to hand.



UPDATED: 26 October 2021

Inaburra Term 4 – Week 3
Return to face-to-face learning
All students are now expected to be back on campus engaging in face-to-face learning. Given that for some students it has been four months since they have been at school, there will be some who are very nervous about returning. We will have staff available to support students throughout this term until they feel comfortable once again being in the classroom.

We will endeavour to ensure that students are kept as safe as possible whilst at school by maximising ventilation and the flow of air through each room, providing hand sanitiser for students around the school, keeping students in their Year Groups or stages throughout the day and encouraging students and staff to wear masks indoors.

There is no requirement that students are vaccinated before returning to school. For the health and safety of the community as a whole, we would encourage parents to consider making arrangements for their child to be vaccinated, but this is a decision for each parent and each family to make taking into account their specific circumstances. The government has mandated that all staff are fully vaccinated from the 8 November. There is no similar requirement for students to be vaccinated, nor will we be making any specific request of families to provide information relating to the vaccination status of children in the school.

Mask wearing when on campus
Masks are mandatory for staff and Senior School students indoors (however Junior School students are strongly encouraged to wear masks). This means that students can take their masks off in the playground or when they are walking between their classes.

Staff also do not need to wear masks outside. However, staff will still be wearing masks at drop-off and pick-up in the morning and afternoon. As staff are in close contact with parents at this time we ask that parents also wear masks in order to reduce the risk of infection being passed through our community.

Please send your child to school with a mask which they can wear throughout the day. All students will be provided with masks if they do not bring their own. The guidelines in terms of wearing masks do provide some exceptions for certain students.

For the remainder of this term, students will have the option of wearing their sports uniform each day. Students also have the option of wearing their regular uniform or, if they have had the opportunity to purchase it, they may also choose to wear the new uniform. We hope that by the beginning of next year many students will be wearing the new uniform. We expect students to comply with the uniform standards in relation (hair, jewellery, no makeup etc) regardless of what uniform they are wearing.

The canteen will be operating as per usual so it will be possible for students to access the canteen, although our preference would be for students to order their lunch rather than mill around the canteen during break times. We do have plans in place to separate students in different year groups and cohorts across the school, but we also recognise that there will inevitably be times when students do come into contact with students from other cohorts.

Accessing the Uniform Shop
Up until now, there have been restrictions on who can access the uniform shop. Both parents and students have had to be fully vaccinated to minimise the risk to families and employees in the Uniform Shop. From Monday 25 October 2021, families will be able to access the uniform shop even if students are unvaccinated. Parents will still need to be vaccinated, but the requirement for students to be vaccinated will no longer be in place. Please note number restrictions when accessing the Uniform Shop. Access is by prior booking only – no walk-in customers please.

Additional Cleaning
We will continue to maintain our increased cleaning regime around the school over Term 4. This includes wiping down high touch surfaces and toilets throughout the day. All classrooms have access to hand sanitiser and students will be reminded to use sanitiser throughout the day.

Other management controls on site
There will be no temperature checks as there were last year. Students are not required to sign in with a QR code. We will conduct our usual roll marking methods across both Junior and Senior School. Students who are not present at School for their regular lessons will be marked absent and sent an SMS in the usual manner to confirm their child’s absence from school and the reason.

Drop-off and pick-up plans
We do have plans in place to separate students in different year groups and cohorts across the school, but we also recognise that there will inevitably be times when students do come into contact with students from other cohorts.

One of the times when this will happen will be on the way to and from school if students typically catch buses to school. School buses will be running next week, but I would like to echo the advice from the government which is that if you are able to arrange for your child or children to get to school some other way, that would be preferable in terms of reducing the risk of infection on public transport.

Drop-off and pick-up zones will be busier than usual for the remainder of this year. With the dramatic increase in the number of families using this space, it is vitally important that we all follow the rules and the guidance of teachers on duty who are assisting to get students in and out of cars as quickly as possible in the morning and in the afternoon.

Some quick reminders:

  • If you are parking nearby, please make sure you are parked legally and not across the driveway of one of our neighbours.
  • We cannot have cars lined up along Billa Rd waiting to get into the pick-up and drop-off zone. For a member of the public driving on Billa Rd to use the road, the traffic needs to be moving for them to get past. Please follow the instructions of staff and, if necessary, go around the block rather than sit on Billa Rd waiting to enter the drop-off and pick up zone.
  • If you are picking up multiple students from the Junior School and the Senior School, once you have picked up your Junior School children, we will then ask you to exit the drop off zone and re-enter to pick up your Senior School children. This will ensure that the pick-up zone does not get clogged with cars as families wait for each one of their children to come out.
  • If you are using the drop-off zone on Billa Rd, please do not get out of your car at either drop-off or pick-up time. Staff will assist your children getting in or out of the car. And as you arrive, please ensure that you are wearing a mask. All staff on duty will be wearing masks in the morning and in the afternoon.
  • We will be allowing our Junior School students the opportunity to leave five minutes early in the afternoon to assist with pick-up time. Students will leave their classrooms at 2:25 pm rather than 2:30 pm. For Senior School students, I would recommend making arrangements with your son or daughter to pick them up after 2:45 pm rather than trying to pick them up at 2:38 pm.

Bus timetables are running as normal.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Arrangements for Sport
The only sport which we have currently planned are sporting activities which take place during PDHPE lessons. There is scope for the school to set up intra-school sporting activities, but for the moment we will not be looking to take part in sporting competitions with other schools.

Arrangements for Graduations, Formals and Presentation Events
We are currently not able to run these events (nor can we run assemblies at this point in time). However, the AIS are confident that we will be able to run them after 1 December when additional freedoms are introduced more broadly in the community. As such, we will continue to plan and make bookings for our various events planned for the end of the year.

Junior Dance Troupe and Performance Troupe
Junior Dance Troupe and Performance Troupe will unfortunately not be able to be held for the remainder of Term 4.

Music Ensembles
As we are still operating at Level 3+ restrictions, we are not allowed to run our ensemble and choral programs at school. We will continue to run the Ensemble Rehearsal times that were published for Weeks 4+5 on Google Meet Classrooms. The situation will be reviewed in line with health restrictions and any changes will be announced in due course.