As a school we highly value the partnership between students, teachers and parents. We know that when we are working together, we are creating the best environment for learning to occur. Communication between parents and teachers is key to this partnership, and we are now able to use Google Classroom in more ways to enhance this communication.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom as our primary online learning system in the Senior School. Obviously, many families are familiar with this platform already. It was one of the key aspects to our success throughout learning from home over the last few years. Even now, with a significant number of students (and teachers) missing school due to illness, Google Classroom is the primary method students can use to stay up to date with their learning. Every teacher is using Google Classroom, or a similar tool, to leave a record of learning that has occurred each day in the classroom.

Google Guardian

At the start of the year you should have received an invitation to be a Guardian for your child in the Google Classroom. When you are subscribed to this service you will receive an email either weekly or daily to outline what has happened in the Google Classroom and also alerts for upcoming assignments.

A summary email from Google Classroom will look something like this:


Many parents would already be subscribed to this service from previous years and shouldn’t need to do anything new. If you haven’t used this system before you should follow the instructions you received at the start of the year.

Over the last couple of days I have encouraged all teachers to turn on the Guardian Summaries for their Google Classrooms. I would expect that the summaries should start becoming an even richer source of information over the next couple of weeks. If you have technical difficulties with the Guardian Summaries you should contact the relevant classroom teacher first, and if this still can not be resolved, our ICT Support team via


David Collins
Head of Senior School