It’s been a busy fortnight with students diving deep into learning and being challenged to move beyond their comfort zones as they begin to explore more intensively the mandated curriculum for their Year group. Teachers are not the ‘talking head’ at the front of the room, but rather the expert guide ‘at the shoulder’ facilitating ‘just in time’ learning at a level appropriate to the needs of each and every student in their care.

A huge congratulations to the CSSA zone swim team who cleaned up in the pool at last Monday’s zone carnival. Not only did Inaburra retain the title of Zone Champion School for the tenth year in a row, but we will be sending our biggest (and possibly strongest) ever team to the CSSA State carnival next week. Well done one and all!

A quick word about social media. There are many conveniences and affordances to some forms of social media – for example Facetime is an excellent tool for interpersonal communication over time and distance. I’ve used it on many occasions to stay in touch with my family while I have been away interstate or overseas.

On the other hand for our students in particular it can become a social scourge. As parents are you aware that for applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and others it is illegal to have an account if you are under the age of 13? More than 50% of our Stage 3 students are regularly using these apps or SMS chat groups. Often the commentary can be thoughtless and at times deliberately targeting of others – even if it is meant to be a ‘joke’.

Are you aware of when and where your children are engaging on social media with peers and friends? Are you aware of the nature and content of their interactions? Did you know that around 60% of our welfare issues in Years 4 to 6 emerge from or have their genesis in social media dialogues that are occurring out of school hours?

Please be vigilant and aware. Face to face interactions or telephone conversations are so much healthier and respectful.  Let’s be refreshingly old-fashioned and nurture constructive relationships.

Mr Andrew Coote
Head of Junior School