World of Work

The aim of the World of Work (WOW) program at Inaburra is to support Year 10 in subject selection by providing a range of view points on the options available to them post school. It is completed in a work environment rather than a school one. It includes completing a mock interview and getting feedback about that process. Some work experience is embedded into the week as an option for students or they may get the opportunity to visit some post school options instead. Whilst this is a Year 10 program, Years 11 and 12 students may also have access to some of the activities throughout the week.

Work Experience

At Inaburra this program is for those students who wish to experience the practical realities of the world of work. The learning objective of this time is to learn what a career entails by talking to and experiencing real life situations. Work Experience is to be organised by the student themselves using the documents provided below in the allocated work experience time-frame. Work experience outside this time must be applied for through the Student Support Office but cannot be guaranteed. For vocational education students work placement is organised through their Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

University of Wollongong Discovery Day

UOW Discovery Day gives Year 12 students the opportunity to open their final year up with a view of what post school options may look like for them. For some it helps build aspirational goals in aiming for university whilst for others it gives them the chance to confirm in their mind that university is not what they are aiming for. The day includes guest lectures and tutorials on subjects that interest students so they get a chance to look at areas that they may choose if they do go to university. UOW Discovery Day is usually organised late the year through the Student Services Office at Inaburra.