All-rounder Scholarship – Year 7, Year 9 and Year 11 2025


The All-rounder Scholarship is offered to students going into Year 7, Year 9 and Year 11 in 2025 in accordance with Inaburra’s values: faith, knowledge, love, excellence, individual and community.  This is in recognition that it is not just about ‘what’ you do, but also ‘how’ you do it, which is reflective of the ‘Inaburra way’.

It is awarded to students who are able to demonstrate an outstanding level of performance academically, demonstrating a commitment to study and high levels of involvement across three of the six categories listed below within a school or other context:

  • Skills in Leadership;
  • Sporting Excellence;
  • Care for the Community/Environment;
  • Application to Learning;
  • Creative Excellence (including Art, Drama, Dance, Music and Voice); and
  • Christian Commitment.


The application process for the All-rounder Scholarship comprises three steps:

  1. Submit a hard copy portfolio by the 2 February 2024. This should contain:
    1. The completed ‘All-rounder Scholarship Application Form
    2. Evidence to demonstrate the candidate’s track record across the three nominated categories. This may include, but is not limited to: references, certificates, awards, school programs, a selection of school reports etc.
    3. NAPLAN reports; and
    4. Two most recent school reports.All portfolios should be submitted to the attention of the School Registrar, via main Reception off Billa Road, Bangor. Please ensure originals are not included in the portfolio, i.e. copies only. Portfolios will not be accepted via email.
  1. Complete an academic test set by ACER. This will be conducted onsite at Inaburra, under examination conditions, on Saturday 24 February 2024, 8:30am – 11:45am.All applicants must be registered with ACER by midnight AEDST Sunday 4 February 2024. A fee of $140 (inc GST) will apply. Register with ACER via the following link: test will contain four key components:
    1. Written expression (25 minutes);
    2. Humanities – comprehension and interpretation (multiple choice, 40 minutes);
    3. Mathematics (multiple choice, 40 minutes); and
    4. Written expression (extended response, 25 minutes).
  1. Attend an interview with our Principal, Dr James Pietsch, by invitation only to a select group of students. These interviews will be conducted from Monday 25 March 2024 and will be approximately 45 minutes in duration. Applicants will be required to discuss what they can bring to Inaburra, their skills, their views on life, their aspirations and why they should be considered for the All-rounder Scholarship.

All applicants will be advised in writing as to the success of their application by the close of April 2024. Should you have any questions regarding scholarships at Inaburra simply contact the School Registrar on 9543 2533 or email