What are the Founders Lectures?

We are thrilled to launch the Inaburra Founders Lectures in honour of the small group of pioneers whose vision led to the establishment of the school forty years ago. We hope to see this as an ongoing highlight in the school calendar.

This year’s theme, ‘Art, Beauty and the Transcendent’ has been underpinned by the school’s enduring value of creative and performing arts and media, with the benefits of engaging with each of these enriching traditions, long recognised by educators.

Join us as we delve into three inaugural lectures which will explore the nature of the arts, their expressive and transformative capacity, and how they inhabit a unique space at the intersection of the everyday and the sublime.

Art, Beauty and the Transcendent

Artistic expression has always been integral to human cultures, transforming and transporting us to places where we can connect with something greater than ourselves. What is it that makes the arts so indispensable, and how do they connect to our longing for unconditional love in the context of a deeply flawed and complex world? How do we find beauty in a world that can be so harsh?

Join us across three nights of exploring Art, Beauty and the Transcendent as we consider these questions in the light of our current cultural moment.

This is a FREE event!

WHEN: Thursday 28 July, Thursday 4 August & Thursday 11 August
WHERE: Inaburra Performing Arts Centre
TIME: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
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Lecture 1: Bono, Nick Cave and the power of a song

Lecture 1: Bono, Nick Cave and the power of a song

Join Greg Clarke, CEO of the Australian Institute of Music, as he unpacks why people value a song and the capacity of music to meet us where we are at and take us beyond the moment.

Greg Clarke has spent thirty years exploring the connections between Christianity and the arts. Holding a doctorate in Literature from the University of Sydney, Greg has led university centres, media companies and charities striving to communicate Christianity in public contexts. His book The Great Bible Swindle was awarded the ‘Australian Christian Book of the Year’ in 2013. Greg is now CEO of the Australian Institute of Music and the Chairman of City Bible Forum. 

He currently lives in Botany with his wife Amelia and some of their five children. Drawing a connection to Inaburra School, in his younger years, he used to busk on the streets of Moree with Dr James Pietsch when they were teenagers! 

BOOK LECTURE 1 (Thursday 28 July)

Lecture 2: Stage or Stream: Why the live performance still matters

Join Dr Mark Stephens, SMBC Lecturer and Author, as he unpacks what drives people to engage in the performing arts.

Before his time at SMBC, Mark spent over a decade lecturing in theology and integrative studies at Excelsia College, prior to a two-year stint serving as a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Public Christianity. His doctoral studies focused on the theme of new creation within the book of Revelation, and his thesis, Annihilation or Renewal? The Meaning and Function of New Creation in the Book of Revelation, was published by Mohr Siebeck.

Mark is currently researching and writing on spiritual formation and the book of Revelation, representations of Jesus in contemporary culture, and the place of humility and hospitality in Christian thinking.

BOOK LECTURE 2 (Thursday 4 August)

Lecture 2: Stage or Stream: Why the live performance still matters
Lecture 3: 'Why have you abandoned me?' Can art speak of hope in a God-forsaken world?

Lecture 3: 'Why have you abandoned me?' Can art speak of hope in a God-forsaken world?

Join Rev Dr Michael Jensen, St Mark’s Church Darling Point, as he explores art and literature of the last century, and our appetite as a society for darkness and vanity. In this quest, Michael will ask questions about where we see the presence and absence of God, and about the nature of hope beyond the here and now.

Dr Michael Jensen is pastor, author, public commentator, and theologian. He has served as the rector in the Anglican parish of St Mark’s Church, Darling Point since 2013; and was formerly a professor of theology at Moore College, Sydney. He completed a doctorate at Oxford University in 2008 and has published many books, including Martyrdom and Identity: The Self on Trial and My God, My God: Is it possible to believe anymore? 

He also regularly writes opinion pieces for news and media including ‘The Drum’ on the ABC. Alongside  Megan Powell du Toit, he co-hosts the podcast With All Due Respect. In his personal life, Michael likes to imagine himself getting fit, loves British comedy and Eastern European food. He is married to Catherine and has four children. 

BOOK LECTURE 3 (Thursday 11 August)